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Automating HR Processes as Part of Your Human Capital Management Strategy

Human resources departments have a lot to manage, from recruiting new talent to overseeing compensation and benefits for existing staff. Here are four strategies that may help your business successfully automate certain HR processes to meet human capital management goals.
Automating HR processes, HCM strategy

Human resources departments have a lot to manage, from recruiting new talent to overseeing compensation and benefits for existing staff. But more regulatory and reporting requirements and smaller staffs mean HR teams have to be more productive than ever, with fewer resources. In this environment, the right technology tools can be essential for keeping up with the volume of work. Here are four strategies that may help your business successfully automate HR processes to improve productivity and meet human capital management goals.

Establish a Human Capital Management Strategy

Automating your human resource processes may work best when it's part of an overarching human capital management (HCM) strategy that can enable businesses to take an employee-centered approach to their HR activities. HCM encompasses everything from recruiting and employee retention to training agendas and compensation planning. By defining your priorities and clarifying which areas are most critical to your business, it may become easier to decide where to make HR automation investments.

Enable Self-Service Updates for Employees and Managers

A significant amount of HR management time is often spent answering routine questions and making administrative updates. For example, employees may need to change their address, marital status, or contact phone number. Enabling self-service updates allows employees to quickly and easily update their own basic information. Self-service HR applications can free up your HR team to focus on high-value tasks while helping prevent data errors and delays in updating information. As a result, employees, managers, and your HR team may be more effective at doing their jobs.

Invest in Cross-Functional Systems

Often, opportunities exist throughout organizations for streamlining and automating HR processes. For example, an applicant tracking system contains features that allow recruiters to use targeted questions to screen out unqualified applicants and ensure they're spending time on viable candidates. Time and labor tracking systems can help make it easier for employees to automatically update their time cards, eliminating wasted minutes each day with manual systems and giving managers access to better reporting information. By determining opportunities across your organization for automation, the net result can be a significant savings of both time and money.

Explore Integrated, Cloud-Based Human Capital Management Software

Many companies resist investing in HCM software because they're familiar with legacy systems that have limited capabilities to communicate and share data. The result can be hours of administrative work, duplicate data, and even errors. Today's HCM technologies can help you take workforce management and planning to another level. Cloud-based infrastructures used centralized employee records and a modular approach to enable companies to customize solutions to their specific needs.

Automating HR processes through strategic system investments may enable companies to meet even the most aggressive human capital management goals. Start by defining your human resource management goals and look for opportunities where the right systems could help increase efficiencies in HR productivity. Each investment may yield a meaningful return on investment in terms of both cost savings and regained productivity.


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