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Careers Pages Gone Mobile: What Will Your Candidates See?

A mobile optimized careers page is becoming an essential recruiting tool. Here are five tips to get you started with optimizing your mobile careers page.

A mobile optimized careers page may no longer be considered an option, but rather a necessity. According to LinkedIn's Talent Blog, 72% of candidates have used a mobile device to view a company's careers page. As a result, it's important to have a clear strategy for communicating with candidates through a mobile optimized careers page. Here are five tips to help you get started.

Use Mobile-Friendly Functionality
The first step in optimizing your careers page is to test its basic functionality on a range of smartphones and tablets. Candidates expect your career page's core functions like navigation and content to work no matter how they access your website. Streamline your design and eliminate anything that's not working to help ensure that you're delivering a great user experience.

Think About your Cultural Profile
Candidates that are viewing your company's career page are trying to get a better sense of what it's like to work for your company. How well does your current page convey that? Consider experimenting with different content types. Popular options include providing detailed information on your culture, benefits, compensation, individual team dynamics, and profiling existing employees (with their permission). Delivering that information through a clean mobile website experience can help give candidates a better impression of your company and its culture.

Include Videos
One of the most popular content types for mobile users is video. Employers are finding interesting ways to use video to help communicate with candidates, including explainer videos about what the company does, culture-focused videos that offer an insider look at what it's like to work at the company, and interviews with employees about their experiences. When you offer video content, you're delivering your message through a medium likely to appeal to younger applicants and the type of busy professionals that prefer browsing on mobile devices.

Make Contacting your Business Easy
Mobile users often want the opportunity to connect with recruiters to ask questions or follow up on their applications. Tools can help you target your communication pathways to mobile users. For example, companies are increasingly integrating candidate-focused email contacts, chat and messaging apps, and a phone number that is enabled with click-to-call. Making it easy for candidates to contact your business encourages them to apply and may give them quicker access to the support needed to address any questions that may arise.

Streamline the Application Process
If your careers page has motivated a candidate to act, and there is an opening that is a good fit, ideally they will submit an application. Typical application interfaces require filling out multiple fields, attaching resumes, and copying or pasting cover letters. However, many mobile users don't have that information saved on their devices. Mobile-friendly application processes allow other options such as linking to a resume that's online, or integrating with sites like LinkedIn. Consider connecting an applicant tracking system with your careers page to help drive automatic mobile optimization of your application process.

A mobile optimized careers page is becoming essential for recruiting in a competitive talent market. By focusing on both the technical aspects of your careers page and your content strategy, you can help the top talent in your market get more excited about the job opportunities available with your business.


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