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Meet Recruiting's Future, Mobile Candidate Sourcing

Mobile candidate sourcing is one of the top trends in recruiting for 2016. Whether you're optimizing your careers page or using better mobile candidate tracking software, investing in mobile candidate sourcing may pay dividends for your recruiting efforts now and for years to come.

Do you have a mobile candidate sourcing strategy? According to Pew Internet, today's candidates rely on the internet first when looking for jobs. 90 percent of people who found a job in the last two years looked online and 84 percent applied online. With the growth of mobile device usage, it's time to put specific thought into how you're going to reach mobile applicants. 

Tips for Mobile Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Embrace Social Recruiting

Social recruiting has quickly become one of the most important ways that companies connect with candidates. Many people are average to heavy users of mobile phones and social media accounts. Dedicated social media profiles help recruiters watch candidates who are active in their space, build connections before recruiting for open positions, and reinforce the employment brand you're building. Social media can also provide an effective channel for promoting open jobs.

Build a Candidate Pipeline and Nurture it Through Email

Are you routinely hiring for similar positions? Think of your available mobile candidate pool like a pipeline. Build relationships with future hires. Create channels that allow you to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Many companies have success with creating a quarterly employment newsletter where they showcase open jobs and the latest company developments. Increasing these touch points can help keep an active pipeline of prospective hires at the ready.

Create a Mobile Friendly Career Page

Candidates are spending more time than ever researching companies before they apply for an open position, and much of that research is happening on mobile devices. Ensure that your careers page has been optimized for mobile users, and evaluate your functionality to ensure there are no gaps or breakdowns in your mobile recruiting process. It's also helpful to think about your content strategy. For example, could a mobile friendly careers page be the right place to experiment with video?

Experiment with Mobile Interviewing

Face-to-face interviews can be difficult to schedule and expensive to implement. Phone conversations don't always provide the full picture that hiring managers and recruiters need. Video interviewing is popular with candidates and easier than ever thanks to mobile devices with built in cameras. Using a video interview format, even earlier in the process, may provide candidates and internal interviewers with a better sense of whether there is an organizational fit.

Implement Mobile Candidate Tracking

An applicant tracking system may help you manage information, improve communication, and deliver a better mobile experience. By integrating your applicant tracking system to your recruiting, it's possible to let mobile candidates save a resume and then come back later to access that account when they apply for other jobs in your organization.

Mobile candidate sourcing can be an important part of building the applicant pipeline needed to fill your most critical positions. Whether you're optimizing your careers page or using better mobile candidate tracking software, investing in mobile hiring may pay dividends in your recruiting efforts now and for years to come.


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