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Top Tweets from HR Tech 2015


Conference-goers trade info on what’s hot

The Twittersphere at this year’s Human Resource Technology Conference and Exposition (HR Tech), held Oct. 18-21 in Las Vegas, buzzed with commentary about the sessions, the speakers and the trends in automation that HR leaders now face. With an ear to the airwaves, Paychex collected tweets pertaining to hot topics, wisdom imparted by general session speakers and insights absorbed from the overall gestalt of the conference.

Naturally, technology tweets composed the majority of the messages:

Important to have ability to turn HR technology components off/on at the start and as you grow. #scalability #HRTechConf

— Brian Halligan (@brianhalligan) October 19, 2015 @brianhalligan

#CHRO perspectives on implementing cloud. 1of3. You don't have to make all decisions upfront. Going to cloud is continuous #hrtechconf

— Lexy Martin (@lexymartin) October 19, 2015 @lexymartin

#CHRO Perspectives going to cloud. 3of3. Don't underestimate integration, stay involved every day; don't underestimate journey #HRTechConf

— Lexy Martin (@lexymartin) October 19, 2015 posted by @lexymartin

Only consider HR Tech functionality that your org will actually use. Bells and Whistles rarely meet business needs. #HRTechConf @nascollc

— Tim Sackett SCP,SPHR (@TimSackett) October 19, 2015 @TimSackett

When encountering problems with implementing new #HRTech, in most cases, it’s not technology-related, it’s people-related. #HRTechConf

— Lisa Fleming (@lisafleming78) October 19, 2015 @lisafleming78

When it comes to a #HRTech SOW, most of us are like kids in a candy store. Keep your true needs, budget, and timeline in mind. #HRTechConf

— Lisa Fleming (@lisafleming78) October 19, 2015 posted by @lisafleming78

When listing requirements for RFP process, forget the laundry list and focus on the top 8-10 must haves for your business. #HRTechConf

— Tracy Van Auker (@TracyVanAuker) October 19, 2015 @TracyVanAuker

"The average tenure of a C-suite executive is 15 months; change is constant." @Stelzner at #HRTechConf

— Joe Schaeffer (@dubelclique) October 19, 2015 @dubelclique

#CHRO Perspectives on going to cloud. 2of3. #payroll is more intense than expected. Know your data #HRTechConf

— Lexy Martin (@lexymartin) October 19, 2015 again posted by @lexymartin

Want buy in? Use the format of approved org strat plans. The C Suite has muscle memory. -Mark Stelzner #HRTechConf pic.twitter.com/vrg7ZHS0no

— Grace Ferguson-Hart (@gfergusonhart) October 19, 2015 @gfergusonhart

Work today doesn't happen in an org chart, it happens in dynamic teams via @mwbuckingham #HRTechConf pic.twitter.com/IFrE4ygZXu

— Josh Schwede (@joshschwede) October 19, 2015 @joshschwede

"How much of performance is a function of what you learn & how much of performance is a function of what you are?" @mwbuckingham #hrtechconf

— Paychex (@Paychex) October 19, 2015 @Paychex

@garelaos @mwbuckingham met a view CEOs who uttered it though...quietly and behind closed doors of course

— Barry Flack (@barryjflack) October 19, 2015 @barryjflack

"Value is created team by team. That's where culture & greatness lies. We haven't built our tools that way." Marcus Buckingham #HRTechConf

— Ariel Snapp (@ArielGraceSnapp) October 19, 2015 @ArielGraceSnapp


If you weren’t able to attend HR Tech 2015 and want to learn more, visit www.hrtechnologyconference.com. Don’t forget that Paychex has extensive resources to help companies of every size understand and implement HR technology.


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