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When Does Your Company Need a Time and Labor Solution?

How do you know when you need a formal time and labor solution to help manage your staff? It may be time to consider an integrated time and labor solution for your business.
time and labor solutions

How do you know when you need a formal time and labor solution to help manage your staff? Many companies are realizing that managing their teams is becoming more complex. You're dealing with the reality of multiple teams, virtual employees, staff working from client sites, offices in different countries and time zones, and more. Simultaneously, tracking and reporting time and attendance is more complex than ever before. Managers need access to information in real-time for planning, staff expect to be able to see their information on-demand, and regulatory requirements are more stringent than ever before. How can you balance the evolving world of work with increasingly strict compliance and reporting regulations? It may be time to consider an integrated time and labor solution for your business.

An Evolving Context Requires Better Technology Solutions

Controlling and managing labor costs and schedules may be a core component of increasing your business' success. It's important that your managers can see schedules, access budget information, review and approve time-off requests, and manage staff hours as easily as possible. Automation can help reduce management costs and allow your executive team to focus on revenue generating tasks rather than administrative ones. In addition, technology solutions can enable companies to comply with applicable wage and hour requirements that have become increasingly complex at the local, state, and federal levels. The right time and attendance solution can eliminate administrative time sinks and improve operations by allowing you to:

  • Comply with the requirements of an increasingly complex regulatory system
  • Control time and labor assignments to better manage budgets and costs
  • Remain flexible in terms of your scheduling to meet business needs and employee requests
  • Monitor and avoid understaffing situations that can lead to decreased employee morale and trigger overtime costs
  • Respond quickly to time-off requests and provide more flexibility with regard to scheduling requests
  • Enable managers and workers to access information and submit requests via self-service portals

Integrated technology provides the right tools

An integrated employee management platform allows you to oversee scheduling and time management, attendance, vacation requests, and more through one comprehensive interface. Businesses are able to be proactive about time management, controlling labor costs, and finding opportunities to increase both productivity and revenue. The right platform allows you to:

  • Increase productivity by scheduling according to tasks, employee availability, business needs, and other criteria
  • Reduce duplicate scheduling, absenteeism, and other routine problems using data access, alerts, and other management tools
  • Manage requests for time off, schedule adjustments, and more with ease, ensuring both internal scheduling equity and employee satisfaction

Access to better information and reporting

The right technology solution gives your team the flexibility to report time in a wide variety of ways. Simultaneously, it allows management to access all the information they need from a single interface. Staff can access their time cards on the go from a mobile device or from any terminal. Managers can evaluate staff schedules and review vacation requests. Budget planning becomes easier as it's possible to monitor schedules by individual, department, or division. The right time and attendance solution allows your company to make smart decisions based on instant, accurate time and attendance data.


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