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4 Tips for Successful Holiday Hiring

Human Resources

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many small businesses need extra help with everything from manning the registers to fulfilling orders. Hiring seasonal workers can help take pressure off your regular staff and ensure that you keep up with increasing customer demands. Here are four recruiting techniques that can help a business conduct holiday hiring with success.

Ask for Employee Referrals

Companies often use employee referrals to hire for specialized, high-end and hard-to-fill positions. They can be a great way to tap into your existing employee network's expertise and connections for seasonal or part-time workers. Employees are often a great source of recommendations because they understand your business and what it takes to succeed. Consider offering a small referral bonus for employees who refer workers who are hired and successfully remain employed throughout the season. Mention the positions that you're hiring for in employee meetings or email blasts, an employee newsletter or intranet, or post physical ads in your break room to help get the word out.

Connect with Past Employees

Another technique that many small businesses have used successfully is connecting with past employees to see if they'd like to take a seasonal job. Employees who have moved on to other companies or retired might be willing to engage in short-term work or pick up an extra shift as needed to help you meet demand. Using your existing network of past employees can help you hire quality workers whose prior performance you already know.

Use Multiple Digital Channels

Online job ads can play an important role in recruiting seasonal help. Many businesses are successful by leveraging multiple digital channels successfully. Use local job boards, your website, and social media channels to promote the fact that you're hiring. Include mentions that you're hiring in any customer newsletters that go out, as there may be interested individuals within that community or they may be able to refer candidates. Think about all the different digital channels that you have access to, and coordinate outreach at the same time. Connecting with potential candidates through multiple channels increases your chances of finding the workers that you need.

Host an Onsite Job Fair

Many small businesses utilize a recruiting method that allows them to connect with multiple candidates at the same time like a job fair. This can be a great way to dedicate a few hours to meet candidates, conduct on-the-spot interviews, and create a strong pipeline of candidates. Many small businesses will have team members available to answer questions and conduct the interviews to be able to quickly move through the hiring process.

Investing in part-time, seasonal staff can enable businesses to thrive during even their busiest seasons. By starting early and following a systematic approach that makes the most of a variety of recruiting methods including your existing networks, social media channels, and public events, you'll increase your chance of finding  candidate that you need to focus on delivering a world-class customer holiday experience.


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