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HR Technology Events Spotlight: 5 Key Sessions You Should Check Out at 2016 HR Tech

The 2016 HR Tech Expo in Chicago presents a unique opportunity to get all the latest info on HR technology trends. Don't miss these five powerful sessions!
Five sessions to attend while at HR Tech 2016.

HR technology events are exciting; they’re an amazing opportunity to see the latest tools to hit the market and learn more about how technology can optimize your workflow. Whether you’re seeking the latest applicant tracking system or you’re hoping to get strategy insights from panels, the HR Technology Expo in Chicago this October promises to be a great event. There’s a ton of great programming to choose from, but here are five not-to-miss sessions.

Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte: Reinventing HR: A Radical New Approach to HR Technology and Solutions

As the intro to this session notes, “The digital world is upon us: It has changed the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we lead our lives. But are we ready for the changes it has unleashed on HR? Digital technologies such as sensors, mobile connectivity and analytics are requiring employers and HRIT leaders to reshape their HR strategies, reconsider their HR technologies and redesign how they deliver solutions to their employees.” During this session, Bersin will share insights into how HR tech is disrupting innovation and share examples of how to integrate analytics and design thinking for more effective and high-value HR programs.

Steve Boese, HR Tech Columnist and Conference Co-Chair: Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company

Boese will lead a couple of sessions that promise to be informative, but Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company gets to the heart of the conference in an engaging way. Who is innovating? Which brands should companies be paying attention to? As the conference program notes, “But which new technologies really deserve the attention of HR leaders? We'll answer this question in a fun, interactive session, as leading HR technology experts and analysts will help uncover the next great HR tech solution. In the style of The Voice, our expert coaches will take their startup teams from unknown to your best future solution. You’ll have the final say as you vote for one of the hand-selected startups, all vying for the coveted title of The Next Great HR Technology Company.” This one promises to be both educational and fun!

Multiple Contributors, Women in HR Technology

In a first of its kind event, the Women in HR Technology session will explore the current state of gender equality in the HR tech world. HR leaders and CHROs will provide case studies and practical solutions for bringing more women into HR technology roles and creating an inclusive workplace. Participants will also gain tips and strategies for developing their own professional roadmap.

Barry Libert, The Digital Imperative: How Networks and Platforms are Transforming HR’s Agenda

As digital networks and platforms are reshaping the way that we do business, they’re also shaping the HR experience. As Libert notes, “They are at the helm of a rapid shift in the way business is done today and produce unprecedented returns with less investment. The problem, however, is that 98% of today’s organizations are neither truly digital nor networked. Consequently, it is not a question of whether they need to change, but rather how much and when.” In this session, Libert will explore how digital transformation is driving change in IT and what steps HR leaders can take to gain an active role in the discussion.

Multiple Contributors, The Public Debut of the 19th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey Findings

Multiple contributors will be leading this session on the release of findings connected to the 19th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey. The findings explore everything from “knowledge about HR technology deployment models, adoption strategies, vendor satisfaction drivers, implementation best practices, resourcing and investment goals, approaches to analytics, and practical uses for emerging technologies.” Attend this session if you’re looking for some of the latest data to help you plan your 2017 session.

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