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Recruitment Trends in 2013: Candidate-Focused Recruiting Methodology

Recent trends show that recruiters and hiring managers are using candidate-focused approaches to hire top talent for an organization. Get in-depth information about some of the latest research on hiring, and discover best practices to implement into your employee recruiting methods.
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Can a recruitment strategy be overly focused on filling assignments with “warm bodies?” Or should it be geared more toward attracting high-performance candidates to achieve company goals? If you’re a growing company and hope to stay ahead of the competition, these are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself. 

Trends and Problem Areas in Recruitment

A recent state-of-recruiting survey, conducted in a joint effort by LinkedIn and Qualigence International, a global recruitment research and recruiting organization, indicates that one of the biggest trends for 2013 is taking a more candidate-focused approach to recruiting than ever before. This is a concerted effort to attract the best candidates from an already large influx of job seekers in most regions. From the survey, recruiters are focused on these candidate-centric areas of recruiting:

  • 57 percent said they plan to ramp up social recruiting efforts.
  • 17 percent said they want to make more long-term candidate placements.
  • 17 percent would like to make more effort to source candidates where they are.
  • 8 percent would like to focus on succession planning support.

In addition to the positive steps that professional recruiters and hiring managers want to accomplish, there were also some common problem areas highlighted, including:

  • Treating all candidates the same and ignoring their diverse skill sets;
  • Not demonstrating enough respect to candidates in daily interactions; and
  • Forgetting to communicate important updates to candidates regularly.

4 Candidate-Focused Recruiting Methods

This could be a transformational year for many hiring managers and professional recruiters across the board. Many have chosen to boost candidate-focused methods to attract and onboard the best talent.

There are several recruitment methods that work well for candidate attraction, many of which include technology resources. These include:

  1. Social Recruiting – Experts in the field of human capital management understand that social media is a powerful way to attract great talent. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to use social tools to connect with strong candidates. In fact, current demographics indicate there is strong presence of job seekers who meet the most sought-after criteria. (Source: Mashable)
  2. Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Systems  - Many of the goals of recruitment today can be streamlined thanks to the emergence of top recruiting and applicant tracking systems. Using deep data and candidate management tools, candidates are taken through the entire process from submitting information and taking employee assessments to new hire and employee development activities, all from one simple platform.
  3. Surveys and Feedback – Getting to the heart of what motivates candidates has been a hot topic with many hiring managers. Now, it’s possible to create candidate-focused surveys to gather important data that can reveal positive changes to be made. This shows respect to candidates and allows them to bring up concerns in a safe environment, all while improving communication and processes.
  4. Cloud/Mobile Integration – In addition to social networking tools and recruiting and applicant tracking systems, going where the candidates are is made easier through cloud technology and mobile apps. Now recruiters can manage the day-to-day aspects of meeting candidates for interviews, doing candidate sourcing, posting job advertisements, and even conducting employee screenings – all from the convenience of mobile devices and tablet computers.

2013 Hiring Trends and Recruitment Strategies

A number of businesses across various industries plan to boost their pace of hiring in the next two years, according to a study conducted by CFO magazine. These include professional areas such as manufacturing, wholesale, and professional services.

The US Department of Labor predicts that health care, information technology, energy, transportation, and construction will be among the fastest-growing industries – possibly adding thousands of jobs through 2020. Therefore, as recruiters vie for the best candidates, they will need to do so with gusto – keeping the unique needs of each candidate in mind every step of the way.

The recruiting industry has certainly continued to shift into a more candidate-focused effort in 2013. Use the above methods to help improve your recruiting and capital management campaigns.

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