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SHRM Conference 2017: 5 Sessions We Have Our Eye On

We're heading to New Orleans for the SHRM 2017 Annual Conference, and these five sessions are on our must-attend list. Will we see you there?

For HR professionals and small business owners attending the SHRM Conference 2017, it promises to be an interesting event. From how to make an impact across your business to leading through change, a series of sessions will help HR leaders take their efforts to the next level, break through ruts, and address some of the biggest issues facing businesses today. Here are five sessions that we're excited about this year.

What Are You Waiting For? The Courage to Make an Impact

Speaker and author Jason Lauritsen is tackling a critical topic within HR. Amidst ongoing discussions of HR disruption and HR technology, how can the individual HR department make an impact on its company's bigger goals? Lauritsen suggests that impact and disruption can't be bought from a vendor, and instead is the result of HR leaders' courage. In this session, you'll learn what mental blocks may be holding you back, what HR looks like within HR, and key skills that can help you put these insights into action. If you're feeling stuck and hoping to make a bigger HR strategy play this year, don't miss this hot session.

Benefits in the Workplace: An Update and Competitive Practices for Impact in 2017

Shonna Waters, SHRM's VP of HR Innovations and Insights, is leading this session to help attendees get up to speed on the biggest changes around benefits. The session showcases the results of the SHRM annual benefits survey, and provides insights into how to use the latest trends and behavioral science to design compelling benefits packages. Whether you want to get up to speed on the latest trends in the benefits field or develop a roadmap to update your firm's benefit plans, this session will introduce cutting-edge strategies from healthcare coverage to innovative new classes of benefits.

Simple Truths of Appreciation and Recognition: Low-Cost or No-Cost Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged

Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE is the president of Barbra Glanz Communications, and will be leading this Mega Session that explores how businesses can take their employee appreciation and recognition to the next level – for low-cost or no cost. For HR leaders who are struggling with employee engagement and want to improve their retention without breaking the bank, this session will offer different strategies for showing appreciation and offer dozens of different ideas that are possible on even the tightest HR budget.

From Vision to Transformation: Leading Through Change

If you're facing change management and want to learn best practices, join teamwork and communication expert Dr. Michelle Rozen for this must-attend session. Dr. Rozen will be covering the unique challenges of different situations from mergers and acquisitions to leadership changes. Attendees will take a deep dive into understanding the challenges that change presents, how to address these challenges head on, and how change can provide an opportunity for growth and success.

The Trust Edge: How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships and a Stronger Bottom Line

David Horsager, CSP, is a business strategist, author, and professor who will be leading this session on the role of trust in building a thriving business. During this session, attendees will learn why trust is an element of a thriving business, how it impacts financial success, and what successful leaders do to build it. From there, they'll explore how to build a 90-day plan and reinforce their ongoing success through daily actions.

Will we see you there?

Are you attending the SHRM Conference? Let us know your key takeaways from the conference on social media! And make sure to stop by Booth 1133 for gift card giveaways and presentations from our own HR professionals about:

  • Retaining your top performers
  • Employee stress in the workplace
  • And more!

You can also demo Paychex Flex while you’re there – it’s our HR solution that offers the self-service tools, real-time analytics, and regulatory support you need.


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