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What the 2016 SHRM Lineup Reveals About HR Trends

Get an inside look at today's hottest HR trends through the prism of some of the most anticipated sessions from the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition.

A close look at this year's lineup at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition reveals several key HR trends, from compliance issues to the unique needs of different-sized HR departments. The most hotly anticipated sessions—and the topics being explored from different angles again and again—may help provide a roadmap for HR leaders trying to determine their strategic focus. Here are some of the most important topics from this year's event and the big takeaways for HR professionals.

Solutions for HR Departments of Different Sizes

Whether the issue is managing compliance with employment regulations or delivering an outstanding employee experience, today's HR departments have more to deal with than ever. The trend, regardless of company size, is a lean, agile HR department that strategically uses vendor partnerships, HR outsourcing, contractors, and other solutions to scale up or down as business requirements demand. How to choose best-fit HR technology is another subject gaining importance as small HR departments work to keep operations running smoothly while driving a significant return-on-investment for their employers.

Compliance: A Rising Tide for Management and HR

Another HR trend is the increasing difficulty of managing compliance with applicable laws and regulations while it’s simultaneously top-of-mind for company leaders, HR professionals and executives. From avoiding Affordable Care Act penalties to managing the complex legal and regulatory environment in states such as California, a host of sessions at this year's SHRM conference focus on compliance. The underlying takeaways are clear: regulations are constantly evolving. Companies need to be proactive about understanding their exposure, creating proactive compliance plans, and recruiting outside assistance when needed to carry out those plans.

Compensation and Benefits Design

Compensation and benefits remain important HR topics. Some of the challenges HR leaders are facing are perennial, such as how you can determine compensation and benefits packages that will attract top talent. What do benchmarking and the latest trends reveal about staying competitive in the employment market?

Though the subjects are timeless, new elements have entered the discussion. HR leaders are increasingly thinking about managing the compensation and benefits needs of a diverse, multigenerational workforce. How does flexibility and the idea of "the flexible workplace" fit into the discussion? There's rising pressure to design compensation and benefits packages that help attract and retain today's best talent.

Today's HR professional faces big challenges: an increase in multi-state workforces, doing more with fewer resources, understanding more complex workforce demographics, and managing a demanding regulatory environment. A look at the HR trends explored at this year's SHRM conference may provide important insights into the tools, strategies, and mindset it takes for busy HR professionals to get it all done.

We hope to see you at the Paychex booth (#1123) during the SHRM conference, June 19-22, 2016, to learn more about these issues and how we can help you address them through greater knowledge, technology, and service.

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