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Which Days Do People Share Instagram Overtime Posts?

Americans work hard, and often their workweeks extend well beyond 40 hours. To learn more about when people put in extra hours, we analyzed more than 150,000 Instagram posts hashtagged Overtime (excluding any references to sports, the gym, or working out).
Overtime posts on Instagram

Overtime Instagram posts by day of the month

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Americans work hard – and their workweeks can extend well beyond 40 hours. To learn more about when people put in extra hours, Paychex analyzed more than 150,000 Instagram posts hashtagged #Overtime (excluding any referring to sports, the gym, or working out). Instagrammers share over 5,000 of these posts on any given day—and based on our study, it seems some days during each month are especially popular for clocking extra hours on the job.

Within the first week of the month, #Overtime posts gradually increase. Mid-month there are ebbs and flows: a high point on the 13th, a decrease on the 15th, and a peak on the 19th. However, during the last 10 days of the month, #Overtime missives generally decline—and in the last few days of the month, they plunge.

Trends in #Overtime posts may relate to workers' wage schedules. For example, employees at companies where the pay periods close on the 15th and 30th may purposely work overtime in the days just before in order to beef up their paycheck. It's possible, too, that #Overtime posts (and habits) reflect people's feelings: renewed energy at the start of each month and a desire to take it easy at the end.

Employers have a say in overtime habits, too. Some companies set a monthly cap on overtime hours to stick to their labor budgets, enhance employee health and safety, and/or ensure extra hours are distributed fairly evenly among the staff—which may explain the decrease in end-of-the-month #Overtime posts.

Examining "likes" also yields some interesting trends: #Overtime posts garner the most double-taps by far on the 17th of the month. Instagrammers also like these posts frequently on the 8th, 11th, and 26th—and posts on the 29th average the fewest likes than any other day. While we can only speculate why, we assume the busy people who share #Overtime posts (often coupled with hashtags like #SoTired and #WorkWorkWork) appreciate the red hearts.


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