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Payroll Management Strategies: 3 On-the-Go Payroll Solutions


Payroll management is a function that impacts employees, managers, and HR staff. As teams increasingly work remotely and need access to key systems on the go, mobile access to payroll systems is receiving increased scrutiny and investment. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that HR departments' adoption of mobile technologies is expected to increase 17 percent in 2017. From submitting and approving hours on the go to providing easy access to reporting dashboards, the right mobile tools can help everyone in your organization. Here's a closer look at how mobile technologies benefit different parts of the workforce, and why this trend is taking root in growing businesses in the year ahead.

HR Managers: Access to Payroll Anywhere

For human resource managers, payroll management can benefit from access to a variety of dashboards. From ensuring that all workers have submitted their hours on a timely basis and they've been approved by managers, to verifying that wage payments have been processed correctly, access to information is critical. Questions that arise and need to be answered outside of standard working hours are easier to address when HR managers can do so away from the office.

In addition, HR managers often need access to reporting and compliance information. With mobile tools, a payroll-related question that comes up in a meeting can be quickly answered with accurate, real-time data, rather than becoming an action item for follow-up.

Managers: Answering Questions On the Go

Managers play a critical role in the payroll process. Often, when members of their team submit time, it's important that managers have access to that information to approve it in a timely fashion. There may be a short window between when a worker submits their time and when the manager has to review, approve, or reject, in order to make regular payroll cycles.

Mobile payroll management tools allow leaders to access this information at any time. For example, if a payroll submission comes in when a manager is attending meetings offsite, they're able to use their mobile device to complete the process. Managers may also need to access payroll information for budget planning, confirming compliance, or to answer staff questions. Mobile access provides the opportunity to manage payroll processes as needed, without unnecessary delays.

Workers: Real-time Payroll and Time Data

With the increase in flexible work arrangements, employees may be anywhere when the deadline to submit their time arrives. With mobile payroll and time and attendance tools, it's easy to file the hours that have been worked from a smartphone, tablet, or home computer. And clearly, employees want to have this capability on their smart devices. In fact, according to original Paychex research, the number one reason that employees log into HR software is to view their paycheck and pay history. Other popular tasks include viewing accrued sick time and vacation time, looking at tax documents, or updating tax and deduction information. Whether they need to answer a supervisor's question or simply check their paystubs, employees can use mobile tools that add new levels of flexibility and convenience to self-service.

Efficient payroll management is an essential part of keeping your business moving forward. Making the change to mobile payroll tools ensures that your HR processes are keeping pace with changing business models. Workers and managers appreciate the flexibility and are able to adhere to payroll-related timelines with ease. For HR managers or executives who need to approve time or access reporting, improved tools allow for seamless process management.

HR adoption of mobile technology


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