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What Time Do People Share Overtime Posts on Instagram?

What time is it? Time to clock some extra hours at work — according to many Americans' Instagram accounts. Learn what we discovered when we looked at #Overtime.
Overtime posts on Instagram

Overtime posts on Instagram - by hour

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What time is it? Time to clock some extra hours at work—according to many Americans. We analyzed over 150,000 Instagram posts that included #Overtime (and excluded any reference to sports) in order to learn more about the habits of workers across the country.

Instagrammers share the most (and fewest) #Overtime posts at certain times over the course of a day. Posts plummet around the beginning of a standard workday, hitting a low point at 8 a.m. At this hour, many people are commuting to work or just arriving, and they're likely not yet working extra hours (or even thinking about working extra hours). #Overtime posts peak around 2 p.m. — presumably as 9-to-5 employees anticipate staying late and employees on different schedules (for instance, food service workers on an early morning shift) transition into overtime hours.

Interestingly, the late evening, midnight, and wee hours see a relatively high number of posts. One theory? In some cases, workers who work night shifts — for instance, truck drivers, hospital workers, manufacturers, and call center employees — may also tend to be nonexempt employees who collect overtime pay when they work more.

For the most part, the number of "likes" these posts receive correlate with the posting times. The exception? A surge of people double-tapping #Overtime posts occurs between 6 and 7 a.m. — probably as many people wake up and reach for their phones. Do people really "like" to see their fellow Instagrammers work overtime? We're betting that clicking that red heart is another way of showing solidarity for hardworking friends.

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