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Unique Business Spotlight: Keriton


To celebrate the creativity found in businesses across the country, we’re searching for America's Most Unique Business. Hundreds of businesses nationwide entered, and over the past several weeks, 32 have gone head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament.

We’re now down to the final four contestants. Whether they’re unusual, innovative, or stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind products and services, each remaining contestant demonstrates the originality that thrives in America’s small businesses. After reading about each one, please vote for who you believe deserves the title of America's Most Unique Business.

Keriton – Philadelphia, Pa.

Keriton is a specialized software platform that connects mothers, nurses, and babies in hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). It offers the first comprehensive, automated means to track and manage breast milk pumped by the tiny patients' moms.

Premature infants need breast milk to grow and mature properly. NICU nurses oversee and manage this vital care component. It's a complex process: The milk must be regularly analyzed for nutrients. It has to be stored properly. Medical staff needs to track when mothers pump their milk. Mothers and their health care teams must maintain close contact.

Keriton's website notes that "13,000+ nursing hours are spent each year at an average-size NICU on just tracking breast milk, resulting in 1 erroneous feed per month … lack of data insights prevents proactive counseling, leading to poor pumping outcomes."

Keriton Kare is software as a service (SaaS) compliant with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects the security and privacy of medical information. Keriton offers two software applications, one for new mothers and one for nurses, lactation coordinators, and milk technicians.

The Kare Mom app helps mothers with the often-stressful task of pumping breast milk every few hours. Its secure photo sharing and chat capabilities connect moms with NICU clinicians for ongoing engagement and support. Why photo sharing? Keriton's data show that moms pump more milk when they look at pictures of their babies. The app also gives mothers a simple way to log and track the milk they bottle. Users can upload all key information about their breast milk to their clinicians, receive recipes that might improve the nutritional value of their milk, and share live video with their care team if they need help with their pumping technique.

The Kare Nurse app removes error potential with a validation engine that manages milk properties and expirations. It ensures that the right baby receives the right milk every time, and significantly reduces the amount of time nurses spend managing breast milk. By tracking maternal milk supply in real time, the app alerts lactation consultants to moms with supply problems, so consultants can provide prompt counseling and improved pumping outcomes. Nurse managers can use the app to run reports with a built-in metrics dashboard.

Keriton's founder, CEO, and CTO, Vidur Bhatnagar, got the idea for the company when his nephew was born prematurely. He learned about the complex, inefficient, and error-prone process that NICUs use to manage breast milk. Bhatnagar, an informatics expert (and former president of the University of Pennsylvania's Engineering Master's Advisory Board) realized he could solve this issue.

Do you think Keriton deserves the title of America's Most Unique Business? Vote now!

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