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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Help Center

COVID-19 Support for Your:  Finances  |  Employees  |  Operations

Latest Update as of June 15, 2021

  • New York and California have lifted their COVID-19 restrictions on capacity limits and social distancing in most instances. However, N.Y. has said businesses can continue to adhere to state guidance or implement other health precautions, while California's state of emergency order remains in effect. Check out what's happening in your state  
  • Our interactive state compliance tool now includes a section on state-sponsored retirement programs. Learn more about states that have established or will implement programs (CA, CO, CT, IL, MD, NJ, NY, OR)    
  • New York state opens its Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program application portal. Learn about eligibility
  • Employee mental health impacts them and can be costly to your business. Watch our webinar or listen to the latest podcasts for tips on improving workplace wellbeing.

COVID-19 Tools and Information

If you're looking for funding options other than a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, we can help.

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Tax Credits

COVID-19 fiscal relief package information

PPP Loan Guidance

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Tools and Resources

Vaccine Resources

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COVID-19 Webinars, Podcasts and Articles


employees learning the FMLA laws

Human Resources | Webinar

Leave Tracking & Management Strategies

Are you spending too much time managing today’s complex leave laws and regulations?


Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics

COVID-19 | Podcast

An Economic Forecast: Inflation, Interest Rates, National Debt, and More

Inflation. It’s a topic that many are talking about and many are concerned about. But, is inflation always a bad thing?


state-funded IRAs

Employee Benefits | Article

[Update] States Introducing State-Sponsored Retirement Programs Continue to Increase

Since 2017, nearly three-quarters of the 50 states in America have either proposed legislation or enacted legislation for a state-sponsored retirement program. If your business is located in a state with its own program, discover the options that can help you meet state requirements.

Resources for All Aspects of Your Business

Securing Your Finances

There are many options available to help keep your business well-funded and operating smoothly right now.

Most popular

PPP and Loan Forgiveness

Employee Retention Credit

Payroll Tax Deferral Period


Finance Resources

Supporting Employees

Support, protect, and inform your staff about what’s ahead as you acclimate to a new normal.

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Employee COVID-19 Testing

Hiring and Rehiring

Employee Safety


Employee Resources

Business Operations

Getting back up and running requires thorough planning and understanding of how to move forward.

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State-by-state Resources

HR Support (ASO/PEO Solutions)

Finding Efficiencies


Operations Resources

Check Your State's Reopening Orders and Regulations

Find information on your state's stay-at-home-orders, reopening guidelines, and more.

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Employee COVID-19 Screening

Through our vendor HireRight, Paychex is offering viral marker (antigen) COVID-19 testing to customers through our Employee Screening Service.

A lab analyses samples that are sent in

Helpful Information for Paychex Clients

Our goal is to help keep you in business during this difficult time. Here's what we're doing to support you.

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We Have Solutions That Can Support You During COVID-19, and Beyond