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Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

What you need to know to stay focused on your business: HR, Compliance, and other issues impacted by legislation, the courts, and news from around the nation and the world.

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Make Your Business Stronger

Take advantage of pandemic-related funding, tools, and resources to be better prepared.

Get Paid Back for Paying Employees
Our ERTC Service has helped clients, on average, receive $130,000 in refunds.

Find Funding That Fits Your Needs
With no more federal COVID-19 relief packages on the horizon, businesses should seek additional financing sources.

Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing
A document management tool can help save time with the process.

Business owner researching local COVID-19 guidance

Understand Your Obligations

By monitoring legislative and regulatory action at the federal and state level our Compliance analysts can help keep you ahead of the curve.

Find Out What’s New in Your State
An interactive map tool spotlights paid leave, vaccine mandates, and more

Don’t Forget PPP Loan Forgiveness
Our PPP Forgiveness Estimator and FAQs serve as helpful resources in the application process.

NY Expands Harassment, Discrimination Laws
Article details more protections for workers with broader definition of employer, addition of claimant hotline, and more.

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Manage Your Team

Gain insights on staffing shortages, remote work, supply chain issues, and other HR issues.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Recent College Grads
(Updated 5/20): Ambitious, tech savvy, but could be job-hoppers. This 3-minute read shares a few proactive hiring tips.

Resources for Small Businesses Get a Boost
(Updated 5/20): Agencies that provide free resources such as marketing and retirement input are one step closer to renewed funding.

Focus on Mental Health in Workplace
Education, awareness, and communication are key to developing a mental health program.

What’s New in Your State?

Get information on directives that might impact your business. Topics include guidance on paid leave, return to office requirements, state-mandated workplace retirement programs, vaccination mandates, and more.

Map of the US to select your state

Simplify Your Routine and Grow with Help from Paychex

Paychex was founded in 1971 to relieve the complexity of running a business and help make our clients' lives easier. We offer solutions and service that enable you to focus on what matters most. Paul Bolden shares his story about how working with the Paychex ERTC Service helped secure the valuable tax credit that he can reinvest in his insurance business. 

Paul Bolden, center, celebrates the opening of Bolden Insurance Agency in Dallas, Texas.
Bolden Insurance of Dallas

I did not have a clue as to what (ERTC) was, and I was a little skeptical of it because I thought I was on top of everything …. The impact it will have on my business will be huge and my plans for it are to continue to grow my business …. I am forever grateful for the thoughtfulness that I had the opportunity to get that money.”

Paul Bolden
Bolden Insurance Agency LLC

Timely Tips

Did you know? While an Employee Handbook is not required by law, developing and maintaining an up-to-date employee handbook helps you communicate your policies to employees and helps protect your business from potential penalties for non-compliance with employment laws and regulations.