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Supporting Employees Through COVID-19

COVID-19 Support for your:  Finances  |  Employees  |  Operations

Uncertain times call for businesses to support their employees whenever possible. Reinforce their trust in you as an employer with clear outlines for a workplace safety and health protocol to specifically address COVID-19, payroll options, and more.

Employee COVID-19 Testing

As businesses reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking for ways to keep employees and customers safe, while keeping in compliance with local and federal health mandates. Through our relationship with HireRight, Paychex is now offering COVID-19 antigen testing to our clients.

To find out more about how the Employee COVID-19 Screening product works, and to ask about pricing, please contact the Paychex Employee Screening Service team at 866-895-1357 option 1 or click here for more information.

A lab analyses samples that are sent in

Health Care and COVID-19

Among the many business challenges created by the pandemic is the impact on your healthcare plan, particularly if you've furloughed or reduced workers' hours and now have to hire and rehire employees.

A business owner learning about the health care implications of furloughed or rehired employees

Employee Safety

As your business reopens, a key consideration is the safety and well-being of your employees. Follow a series of steps to help you identify and address potential COVID-19 risks and hazards in the workplace.

Develop a safety and health plan

How to address COVID-19 risks, taking into consideration guidance from OSHA, CDC, and applicable state and local agencies.

Workplace hygiene

Hand sanitization best practices, plus promoting and communicating proper hygiene techniques to staff.

Social distancing modifications

Modifying and rethinking interactions at work, including work station setups and offsite work options.

Workplace disinfection

Ongoing cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and workplace areas.

Employee Resources

Offer your staff paycheck options and other resources to help them navigate uncertain times.


Convenient for unbanked employees and eliminates the need to go get a paycheck cashed.


Offer a financial wellness program that also includes short-term loans for emergencies.


Give employees access to earned wages before payday.

We have solutions that can support you during COVID-19, and beyond

Live and recorded webinars

Available in English
Vaccination and the Workplace: Key Considerations
April 7, 2021

Wondering what, if any, role your organization should play in motivating employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine? If you’re thinking about developing a COVID-19 vaccination policy, watch this webinar to learn about:

American Rescue Plan Act Overview
March 24, 2021

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 gives many businesses the opportunity for additional relief funding. Watch to learn about tax credit changes, grant programs aimed at restaurants and shuttered venues, an extension of unemployment insurance benefits, COBRA subsidies, and more.

How Paychex Can Help with PPP Loan Forgiveness
March 23, 2021

With the approval of $284 billion in additional funds for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, more guidance has come out for business owners, including an expansion of eligible costs, an opportunity for a second draw, and availability to also use Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) on unforgiven COVID-19 expenses.

Articles to help business during COVID-19 pandemic

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Restaurants Can Take Advantage of Funding Opportunities Created by Interplay of Stimulus Laws
April 15, 2021
Multiple stimulus packages enacted since March 2020 have created, expanded and extended avenues for restaurants and the food-service industry to access funding during the COVID-19 pandemic. The intersection of these laws and provisions provide additional opportunities to offset some financial losses.
COBRA Continuation Coverage to be Subsidized 100% for Qualified Individuals Under American Rescue Plan
April 8, 2021
Under the American Rescue Plan Act, eligible individuals who have lost employer-sponsored health insurance after involuntary job loss or because of reduced hours will have COBRA continuation coverage subsidized 100 percent for a specified time period.
Application Process for Shuttered Venue Operator Grant Program Opens
April 6, 2021
The Shuttered Venue Operator Grant program has allocated $16 billion to businesses such as live venues, theaters, museums and other organizations that had to remained close through much of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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