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With the recent national elections and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our compliance and government relations teams will be monitoring potential policy changes in the weeks and months ahead. The Coronavirus Help Center is here to make sense of potential changes and their impacts to your business.

Last Updated: November 30, 2020

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With a split Congress, a Biden presidency will look to executive orders and bipartisanship to bring a potential stimulus package, as well as changes in health care and employment laws to help businesses.

New York and California are among a handful of states using regional color designations to update businesses weekly on specific requirements in response to spikes in COVID-19 cases. Stay up-to-date with our state-by-state interactive map to see how your business may be impacted.

Resources for all aspects for your business


There are many options available to help keep your business well-funded and operating smoothly right now.

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Getting back up and running requires thorough planning and understanding of how to move forward.

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