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The Paychex Approach to Business Continuity Planning

Paychex starts planning before a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is needed. Our dedicated team of full-time certified professionals promotes planning across the enterprise and tests those plans on a regular basis. So, when disaster strikes, employers are prepared to make sure their employees are safe and paid on time, while any other interruption of normal operations is minimized.

What Are BCP Events?

Natural and man-made interruptions can be categorized as follows:

  • Natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, blizzards, and epidemics.
  • Technology accidents, including power outages, downed phone lines, natural gas explosions, and traffic accidents.
  • Malicious activities, including threats of terrorism or violence, in or around your business.
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Applying Technical Solutions and In-Depth Recovery Plans To Ensure Seamless Service and Account Access

Paychex ensures that after attending to our employees, we’ll meet our obligation to our clients with established BCP procedures. We’ll support your business and your employees throughout the event with online access to critical payroll and HR-related information.

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Data Center Availability

We back up account information in data centers from multiple locations in the United States, so your data is still accessible if certain areas are impacted. Plus, Paychex data centers are built to withstand fault: In case of a power failure, our facilities automatically leverage alternate power supplies and resources.

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Our experienced emergency response team is ready to coordinate efforts between affected locations and supporting service locations, even several days before an event is predicted to occur. We’ll keep you up to date on how to access Paychex resources to get affected locations back up and running.

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Nationwide Presence

With strategic locations spanning multiple time zones, you can count on Paychex to be there for you and your employees, regardless of local conditions. Additionally, we back up client information in geographically diverse data centers that are built to withstand power failures, enabling us to deliver maximum uptime.

Focus on Your Employees’ Safety

In case of an emergency, employers and employees can rely on Paychex for:

Comprehensive Online Accessibility for Employers

Our clients have full access to a suite of mobile and desktop applications, from accessing employee contact information to running a full range of payroll and HR reports.

Electronic Access to Payroll Funds via Direct Deposit

Concerns about impact to payroll package delivery? Direct deposit to an employee’s personal bank account or paycard provided by Paychex helps ensure access to pay, without the difficulty of delivering and cashing live checks.

24/7 Live Support

We’re happy to provide uninterrupted service to your account. When contacting us — even if your local service location is affected — alls automatically route to another Paychex location.

Employee Self-Service

Powerful tools provide full access to a suite of HR services, including viewing and downloading payroll information (check stubs, Forms W-2, W-4, etc.) and managing paid time off.

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