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Company Onboarding Terms of Use

By clicking “Continue”, you warrant that you possess the full power and authority to agree to these Company Onboarding Terms of Use (“Terms”) on behalf of your company (“Client”) and understand that these Terms will be incorporated by reference into your Paychex Service Agreement. You understand that you can choose to enter Client information and/or personal information regarding your employees or independent contractors (collectively referred to as “Workers”) before you complete the onboarding process. By entering at least the Worker’s first name, last name, and email address (“Worker Contact Information”), you understand that Workers will automatically receive an email invitation to register for a Paychex Flex account (“Online Account”), and will be able to enter their own personal information. You further agree to the following:

You are responsible for timely and accurately providing all documentation, data, information and directives that Paychex requires to provide you services, including Worker Contact Information (“Client Information”). Paychex is entitled to rely on Client Information and shall not be obligated to independently verify such information or obtain any additional authorization from you to act on Client Information. Paychex will not be responsible for errors that result from Paychex' reliance on Client Information. You understand that if you choose to allow Workers to review, add or change their personal, payroll and/or tax information through Worker’s Online Account and/or choose to require Workers to electronically sign and submit certain forms or documents when making such changes, such information will be included in Client Information and will be treated as if provided directly by you.

If you, or any Worker, Authorized Contact, or third party that you authorize, use an Online Account, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for (i) designating who is authorized to have access to the Online Account (“Authorized User(s)”); (ii) setting and enforcing your own internal policies related to use of Online Account by any Authorized User, including selection of the appropriate security level for each Authorized User; (iii) safeguarding all passwords, usernames, logins or other security features used to access the Online Account ("Online Account Access"); (iv) use of Online Account under any usernames, logins or passwords; (v) ensuring that use of the Online Account complies fully with the provisions of your Paychex Service Agreement and all applicable Terms of Use; and (vi) any unauthorized access, or use, of the Online Account caused by Authorized Users' actions or inactions, including, without limitation, its failure to safeguard Online Account or Online Account Access. You agree to immediately notify Paychex of any actual or suspected unauthorized use of Online Account and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for damages resulting from any unauthorized use or your failure to timely notify Paychex. Paychex reserves the right to limit, suspend, or terminate your and/or Authorized User(s)' access to Online Account should Paychex have reason to believe that the security or confidentiality of Online Account or Online Account Access has been compromised.

You are solely responsible for implementation of an information security program appropriate to safeguard the Online Account or Online Account Access and which is consistent with any and all applicable federal, state, local and international laws, regulations or ordinances (“Laws”); safeguarding Online Account and Online Account Access for any third-party services integrated into the services; maintenance and routine review of computing and electronic system usage records (i.e. log files); and the security of your own data, data storage, computing device(s), other electronic systems, and network connectivity. You acknowledge and agree that Paychex is not liable to you, your Workers or any other third-party for any consequences, losses, or damages resulting from unauthorized access or use of the Online Account as set forth in this section.

You understand that this may be considered an application for credit. You authorize Paychex to investigate and verify the identity, bank account and/or credit of Client and/or its principals, including bank account status and history, prior to providing any Services (collectively "Client Verification"). Paychex may also perform Client Verification pursuant to applicable federal and/or state requirements. You acknowledge that Paychex may engage third parties to perform Client Verification and authorize Paychex to share with third parties Client data, including Client Confidential Information, to perform Client Verification. You further agree that Paychex is not liable for the actions or inactions of such third parties, including but not limited to any unauthorized use or disclosure of Client data by third parties.