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Use Our Online Tool to Better Understand Government Funding Programs
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Access vital funding to help your business remain open, continue paying your employees, and recover from unplanned circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paychex has created an easy-to-use online tool that details the specific federal relief programs and refundable credits available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). The tool includes helpful links to applications and a comparison chart of loan programs (Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program) to help you address what would best meet the needs of your current circumstances.

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We recommend discussing these options with your accountant or trusted advisor to determine the best course of action to leverage the incentives available.

Paychex is actively working to help make the PPP loan application process simpler. If you’re a Paychex client, we’re creating a report and ensuring it reflects changes introduced April 2 by the federal government. To utilize the report, your business or your clients’ business must have run payroll with Paychex in 2019.

FinFit financial wellness program

Help your employees meet their financial goals

Employee financial stress is a hidden expense in every company. Paychex has partnered with FinFit to provide your employees peace of mind, which can positively impact your bottom line. FinFit offers a comprehensive financial wellness employee benefit that has a variety of tools and educational resources to assist employees in meeting their financial goals.

Best of all, the FinFit program is free for Paychex clients.

  • Reduce employee stress and lost time

    Job stress is estimated to cost American businesses $300 billion a year.* FinFit provides financial education to help employees confidently plan for their financial future.

  • Provide helpful financial planning resources

    FinFit includes an online personal wellness assessment, calculators, apps, and other educational tools to help employees and their families take control of their finances.

  • Help employees keep money in their 401(k)s

    Help reduce employees’ pay-advance requests and 401(k) withdrawals with FinFit’s short-term loan option, offered at no risk to you as their employer.**

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All you can get with FinFit

  • Quick financial wellness assessment with a personalized FinFit action plan for each employee
  • Short-term employee loans for emergencies and the unexpected
  • Loans that are generally lower cost than other short term loan solutions
  • Self-paced online financial education and budgeting apps

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FinFit is a better choice for financial wellness

  • Increased productivity

    85 percent of employers reported employees become more productive because of FinFit.

  • Highly rated by members

    96 percent of employee members rated their experience with FinFit as excellent.

  • Greater savings

    2 out of 3 employees were able to increase their monthly savings because of FinFit.

  • Stronger focus on the job

    91 percent of employees said the FinFit loan program helped solve a financial dilemma and allowed them to focus on work.

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Financial advisors

Paychex has the options to help you build your book and increase your AUM.

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