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FinFit financial wellness program

Help your employees meet their financial goals

Employee financial stress is a hidden expense in every company. Paychex has partnered with FinFit to provide your employees peace of mind, which can positively impact your bottom line. FinFit offers a comprehensive financial wellness employee benefit that has a variety of tools and educational resources to assist employees in meeting their financial goals.

Best of all, the FinFit program is free for Paychex clients.

  • Reduce employee stress and lost time

    Job stress is estimated to cost American businesses $300 billion a year.* FinFit provides financial education to help employees confidently plan for their financial future.

  • Provide helpful financial planning resources

    FinFit includes an online personal wellness assessment, calculators, apps, and other educational tools to help employees and their families take control of their finances.

  • Help employees keep money in their 401(k)s

    Help reduce employees’ pay-advance requests and 401(k) withdrawals with FinFit’s short-term loan option, offered at no risk to you as their employer.**

All you can get with FinFit

  • Quick financial wellness assessment with a personalized FinFit action plan for each employee
  • Short-term employee loans for emergencies and the unexpected
  • Loans that are generally lower cost than other short term loan solutions
  • Self-paced online financial education and budgeting apps

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FinFit is a better choice for financial wellness

  • Increased productivity

    85 percent of employers reported employees become more productive because of FinFit.

  • Highly rated by members

    96 percent of employee members rated their experience with FinFit as excellent.

  • Greater savings

    2 out of 3 employees were able to increase their monthly savings because of FinFit.

  • Stronger focus on the job

    91 percent of employees said the FinFit loan program helped solve a financial dilemma and allowed them to focus on work.

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