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The New Workforce: Establishing a Positive Employee Experience With the Right HR Toolset

As employers transition from a short-term COVID-19 response to a long-term shift in how we work, employees will begin experiencing a new workplace ecosystem. To ensure productivity, businesses must help employees connect to their work, their environment, and each other. But with so many employees working remotely, how do HR leaders create a feeling of community and reward?

HR technology and digital tools are bridging the gap between remote and in-person interaction and helping employees find new ways to connect to their companies.

In this webinar, we discuss how HR technology and digital tools can help facilitate a positive employee experience by:

  • Reducing routine tasks so employees can focus on meaningful work
  • Documenting communications and feedback
  • Making payroll and benefits easy to access through self-service tools
  • Reskilling workers through online learning management and training
  • Onboarding software that integrates new hires into the organization
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