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January 8

IRS Announces ESR Filing Deadline Extensions


June 25

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act Premium Tax Credits


April 1

What Employers Need to Know about the Repeal of Small Group Deductible Limits


November 27

One Year Delay of Online Enrollment for Small Businesses in the Federal Health Insurance Marketplaces

June 13

Employer Notice to Employees on Health Insurance Marketplaces

April 18

What Employers Need to Know about Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions

February 28

Health Care Exchanges and ESR Provisions Updates

January 15

Summary of Major Changes in Health Care Reform


November 27

Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary Requirement

October 4

Form W-2 Reporting Requirement

June 28

Individual Mandate of Affordable Care Act Upheld

March 8

New Rules for Summary of Benefits and Coverage


November 29

Delay of Summary of Benefits and Coverage Requirement

July 29

Proposed Rule for Health Insurance Exchanges

July 21

Claims Appeals and External Review Process Amended

April 21

Budget Deal Repeals Health Care Voucher Provision

April 18

Bill Repeals 1099 Reporting Requirements

March 31

IRS Delays Forms W-2 Health Care Cost Reporting Requirement for Smaller Employers

March 8

Help Your Clients File for a Health Care Reform Tax Credit