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Aerial View of a Sunset over Downtown Anchorage, Alaska in Spring

Paychex HR and Payroll Services in Alaska

Alaska, “The Last Frontier”. Home to Denali, Glacier Bay, the Kenai Fjords — and many businesses that know how Paychex payroll and HR services help make it easier to pay employees and stay up to date with state and federal regulations.

Paychex Services for Alaska Businesses


Easy-To-Use Payroll Services

    Pay employees with ease, potentially in just two clicks.

    • Employees can update their information, such as direct deposit
    • We calculate, file, and submit your payroll tax payments
    • Our representatives are available 24/7
    Paychex Flex payroll overview video
    Payroll Overview
    Human Resources

    Guidance From a Dedicated HR Professional

      Paychex HR helps Alaska businesses recruit, hire, manage, and retain employees with:

      • Employee benefit plans
      • Updates on laws and regulations that may affect your business
      • The option to get advice from a dedicated HR professional
      A paychex HR expert working with a client
      Workers’ Compensation

      Protect Your Business and Help Improve Cash Flow

      Workplace injuries can happen any time and could cost your business dearly. Paychex Insurance Agency can help you find appropriate coverage, while our Workers’ Compensation Payment Service can help improve your cash flow by using actual wages — not estimates.

      employee signing a life insurance as a voluntary benefit that her employer offered through Paychex
      Time and Attendance

      Easily Track Time, Prevent Errors, and Connect With Payroll

      Time tracking becomes a snap when you use our time and attendance system connected with Paychex payroll. Choose from convenient collection methods, including:

      • Web punch and mobile app
      • Kiosk app with facial verification
      • Biometric iris and finger-scan time clocks
      • Interactive voice response system
      employee punching in

      Paychex Flex®: The Single Platform for Your HR, Payroll, and Benefits

      Open our all-in-one Paychex Flex® platform from your desktop or mobile devices and you’ll see how to quickly, easily, and securely manage your HR, payroll, and benefits. Use it to save time, so you can do more where it matters most.

      Convenient Service

      Alaska businesses from Ketchikan to Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and further north know how convenient it can be to work with Paychex:

      • Do payroll and manage HR and benefits directly from our app
      • Let employees update their own information, saving you time
      • Contact our service representatives whenever you need them
      Employee support column

      Contact a Paychex Payroll and HR Consultant

      Want more reasons to work with Paychex? We’ve got them right here:

      • 50+ years of industry experience to help guide your business
      • Easy-to-use technology to help improve productivity
      • Extensive knowledge of Alaska and federal laws and regulations
      hr and payroll customer service representative

      Find the Right Solution for Your Business

      Paychex solutions grow with your business. Our all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits technology with the option to get HR advice from a dedicated HR professional helps you find the right solution for your business needs.

      Find Your Solution
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      Paychex Is the Smart Choice for Payroll and HR Services in Alaska

      • Service whenever and however you need it
      • We pay 12 million workers — 1 in 12 U.S. private-sector employees
      • About 700 HR consultants, more than any other HR solutions provider
      • One of America’s Most Innovative Companies — FORTUNE magazine
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      Additional Resources for Businesses in Alaska

      Payroll Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

      Paychex Payroll Services can save you and your business time so that you can focus on what matters most. Hear from our customers about why they choose Paychex to help ease the payroll burden.

      “Our HR business partner has pretty much been our HR manager for a very long time. The biggest take away for me is just the one-on-one help that they provide, whereas, with other services, you could be calling, and they don’t have a dedicated rep."

      “As this pandemic hit, we didn’t have a lot of direction as to what was going to happen next … [my HR consultant] was able to take me by the hand and walked me through every step of the employee process I was unfamiliar with.”

      "Julie [my Paychex HR consultant] does a good job of bringing the best out of us."

      “Payroll, HR, keeping up with the changing IRS rules; these are things that are critical to making our business hum … Not having to invest in the back office means we can put our resources into our core business.”

      “Having adequate conversations with each employee so they can tell me what makes them most comfortable (where safety is concerned during COVID-19 pandemic) – that’s priceless. It brings me peace of mind.”

      Join Our Approximately 740,000 Customers and Get Help Managing HR, Payroll, and Benefits for Your Alaska Business