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State Capitol building in Jackson, Mississippi

Paychex HR and Payroll Services in Mississippi

The Magnolia State is known for the blues, fried dill pickles, and thousands of successful businesses. Paychex in Mississippi offers HR and payroll services to make the lives of our customers simpler and easier — from Biloxi to Jackson and Tupelo. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 50 years.

Paychex Services for Mississippi Businesses


A Single Solution for Employee Management

A PEO is an all-in-one HR solution that helps make it easier for you to manage employee benefits, HR, payroll, and compliance.

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What Is a PEO
Payroll and Taxes

Quick and Easy Payroll and Tax Services

Our payroll and automated tax administration services help you easily pay employees as well as calculate and submit your payroll taxes.

Paychex Flex payroll overview video
Payroll Overview
Workers’ Compensation

Find Compliant Coverage From Top Carriers

Licensed Paychex Insurance Agency agents help you find the best coverage options and can deliver a comprehensive insurance plan at competitive pricing.

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Business Insurance

Find Coverage Types To Help Protect Your Business

Get important business coverage for your organization, from a business owner’s policy to workers’ compensation, whether you’re a small business, LLC, or have hundreds of employees.

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Paychex Flex®: The Single Platform for Your HR, Payroll and Benefits

Paychex Flex is our all-in-one technology platform. It helps automate HR, payroll, and benefits for companies like yours, integrating your employee data for easier management. And that’s just the beginning of what it can do.

Convenient Services for Mississippi Businesses

  • Get in-app help, chat and phone support whenever you need it
  • No matter your industry, we’ll help you make complex HR, payroll, and benefits tasks simple
  • Decades of experience offering benefits employees and families value most
Employee support column

Contact a Paychex Payroll & HR Consultant

Whether you have one or 1,000+ employees in Mississippi, our experienced payroll and HR customer service representatives are ready to help you with any questions you may have, available to you 24/7, located entirely in the U.S.

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Find the Right Solution for Your Business in Mississippi

Paychex has the technology, expertise, and customer service that can help you move your business forward by finding the right solution that works best for your individual business needs.

Find Your Solution
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Paychex Is the Smart Choice for Payroll and HR Services in Mississippi

  • Quick, easy, budget-friendly on-the-go payroll and HR solutions
  • Recognized by industry experts for our innovation, ethics, and service
  • Business insurance from workers’ comp to commercial property
  • Ready to guide your businesses through your most challenging HR issues
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Additional Resources for Businesses in Mississippi

Payroll Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

Paychex Payroll Services can save you and your business time so that you can focus on what matters most. Hear from our customers about why they choose Paychex to help ease the payroll burden.

"StratasCorp Technologies was quickly outgrowing their payroll provider. Paychex helped them save 10 hours a month and $10,000 a year in tax penalties".

“What we learned in a discovery process with Paychex was all the different services that were available. That was music to my ears as a new CFO …. From an efficiency standpoint, knowing we could have our 401(k) under your program, having the management and compliance done with one party obviously makes my life a lot easier.”

Plumbing Doctor was spending too much time tracking down information on how new regulations could impact their business and doing research to get answers for their HR questions. Working with Paychex PEO provides them with 80 hours a month to focus on growing their business.

“When I hired my first employee, I jumped the gun …. found out I wasn’t doing it the right way. I didn’t know much about HR. That’s when Paychex helped a lot … got me set up with everything I needed to do. Now, my mind is at ease.”

"As a recruitment tool, the 401(k) is a very integral part of what we offer our employees."

Recognized by Industry Experts for Our Innovation, Ethics, and Performance

World's Most Ethical Companies Award 2024
World’s Most Ethical Companies
Customer Satisfaction - IDC SaaS Award
Leader in Customer Satisfaction
FORTUNE World's Most Innovative Companies Award
America’s Most Innovative Companies
Best Small Business-focused solution from HR Tech
Best Small Business-Focused Solution
PLANSPONSOR Largest 401(k) Recordkeeper by Number of Plans
Largest 401(k) Recordkeeper
Apex training award winner 2024
World’s Top Training Organizations

Join Our Approximately 740,000 Customers and Get Help Managing HR, Payroll, and Benefits for Your Mississippi Business