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Hiring top talent can strengthen your company over the long-term, but don't let the process of finding and signing that talent sap the resources of your HR department today.

Together, we can untangle and streamline your complex hiring processes. Your team brings knowledge of the business and current procedures, and our team brings powerful technology, an end-to-end infrastructure, and the kind of personal service only Paychex Flex® can provide.

  • Step 1

    Work with personal Paychex consultants who take the time to understand your hiring process in order to configure a system that meets your company's needs.

  • Step 2

    Cut down on paperwork and shorten cycle times with our online recruiting and onboarding technology.

  • Step 3

    Free HR managers to think more strategically about your organization and its processes.

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

Create Job Openings

Automate the job-opening process and get easy access to job descriptions through our cloud-based recruiting software.

List Jobs

Once your jobs are open and the descriptions are in place, our online system enables administrators, recruiters, supervisors, employees, and applicants to quickly access the information they need throughout the hiring process.

List your positions internally and externally through:

  • Job posting templates,
  • A careers web page,
  • Free job board postings, and
  • Social media distribution.

Screen Job Candidates

So you’re not swamped with resumes, our online system helps you focus your recruiting efforts on the most qualified candidates with:

  • Job-specific screening questionnaires,
  • Resume keyword searching and archiving, and
  • Scoring filters.

Then, when you’ve narrowed your candidate pool, you can use our solution to:

  • Schedule interviews,
  • Track applicants throughout the hiring process, and
  • Initiate feedback workflows.

Before managers make their final hiring decisions, make sure they truly know potential employees with comprehensive background checks through our partnership with HireRight®, used by one-third of the Fortune 500.

View HR Analytics and Reports

Our online system gives you a clear picture of the effectiveness of your recruiting and applicant tracking processes with a function-focused dashboard for recruiters as well as analytics and reporting.

  • Identify trends in applicant sourcing, create saved searches, follow priority applicants and/or view trends in requisition activity. 
  • Trace applicant workflows and oversee areas such as compliance, time-to-fill, and requisition aging.

Hiring and Onboarding

After a candidate has been hired, our integrated HCM solution will help you spend less time collecting paper forms and reporting new hires to the appropriate agencies. Our online system makes onboarding easier and more comfortable for your new employees as well as your HR department.

  • Create a positive impression with an organized, welcoming, and informative new-hire process,
  • Manage the new-hire workflow from beginning to end, and
  • Stay informed throughout the process via email notifications.

New hires will enjoy an online process that introduces them to the company and allows them to complete their new-hire paperwork from any location. 

  • Review helpful information on what to expect the first day — or even view a video,
  • Fill out new-hire forms including the Form I-9, Form W-4, direct deposit, and state tax forms, and
  • Acknowledge the company handbook and policies.

Thanks to the ease of our end-to-end, integrated platform, once your new hire is added into the human resources system, data can be automatically shared with other areas, like attendance, tracking, and payroll. This saves you time on data entry and helps ensure accuracy.

The components of Paychex Flex Hiring are available standalone, or in combination with a wide range of services, from payroll to benefits, training, and performance management.

Take Advantage of Hiring Tax Credits

Is your company missing out on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)? Billions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed each year due to companies not knowing they qualified, or deciding they don't have the experience or time to handle the paperwork involved.

Paychex works directly with HIREtechTM, a Paradigm Company, to create a well-documented and legally compliant audit trail to help businesses claim credits.

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