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Download a white paper below to help make more informed decisions about managing your organization.

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The Revised EEO-1 Report: What’s Changed and What it Means for your Business

The EEOC expects the expanded data from the EEO-1 Report to improve its investigations into pay discrimination based on gender, race, and ethnicity.

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Top Issues HR Pros Face in Today's Workplace

With the accelerated pace of business, it’s become more difficult for HR departments to adapt to complex, changing human capital management (HCM) issues such as recruiting and retaining highly competent workers, managing talent, developing leaders, and leveraging a multigenerational workforce. Download our free white paper for more.

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Guide to Selecting an HCM Solution

The document serves as a guide for finding the ideal HCM solution for companies of all sizes and sectors.

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Potential Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce

By embracing generational differences, companies can shape workforces that are driven, dedicated, and diverse. A multigenerational workforce can boost the bottom line, revitalize old processes, benefit customers, and strengthen company cultures.

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How Scheduling Can Help Maximize Workforce Labor

Learn which factors are the cause of increased labor costs, how improved scheduling can lower those costs, and how to apply an automated time and attendance system to achieve those scheduling improvements.

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Is Your HR Department Productive, or Just Busy? - Free White Paper

Administrative employees in the human resources (HR) department may seem extremely productive, but if their energy is spent manually entering data and concocting convoluted procedures to work around non-integrated HR software, then they’re really not as productive as you’d hope—they’re just busy.

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Unlocking Generational Productivity - White Paper

Learn about the current and future states of human capital management, and the ways in which companies can unlock the secrets of generational productivity from baby boomers, to generation Xers, and millennials.

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Leveraging HR “Cloud” Technology: For Small to Midsize Employers

With a cloud-based system, human resource departments can streamline everyday work processes, allowing them to shift into a more strategic role. In this whitepaper, you'll learn about the cloud, how it works, and what to look for when comparing systems.

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Leverage an HRMS: Improve Performance Management and Employee Engagement

Learn how a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) can help you improve performance management and employee engagement by streamlining processes, solidifying communications, and maintaining compliance requirements.

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Health Care Reform for Large Employers: The Role of Strategic HR Technology for Compliance

Understand the basics of ESR, individual aspects of the regulations such as year-end reporting and transition relief, and the important role that integrated HR technology plays in staying compliant and avoiding expensive penalties.

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