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Better Employee Management: Eight Critical Areas for Small-Business Success

Human Resources
Blue Paper

Employee management is a crucial aspect of the success of any small business. This whitepaper will outline 8 critical areas of human resources for small businesses.

  1. Payroll-how to prepare payroll accurately and in line with state and federal requirements
  2. Benefits-we'll lay out how small businesses can offer health insurance, retirement, life insurance, disability insurance, flexible spending accounts and employee assistance programs to their employees at an affordable price
  3. Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention-how the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a work safety plan
  4. Employee Communications-learn what kinds of activities can enhance effective employee communication in the workplace
  5. Interviewing and Hiring-we'll outline some key criteria small businesses should consider when going through the hiring and interviewing process
  6. Compliance-learn about the various federal and state laws and regulations governing wage and hour practices
  7. Employee Motivation and Development-discover how to better understand what motivates and engages your employees
  8. Employee Separation-not sure how to fire an employee? Review our best practices when it comes time to let your employees go
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