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Financial Decision-Makers: A New Perspective with an HR Focus

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In recent years, the mindset of finance leaders at business of all sizes has shifted from a longstanding emphasis on cost control, to a focus on business optimization. This evolution is based, in part, on growing recognition of the importance of workforce data when it comes to driving business growth and achieving financial success.

A recent Paychex survey of CFOs and other finance leaders from businesses across the U.S. supports this trend, with the majority of respondents reporting that they view HR data as being essential to strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Why? Because workforce analytics — such as employee performance, compensation, demographics, career history, benefits, employee behaviors, time utilization, and attrition — can help remove much of the guesswork in identifying and solving key management and operational issues.

Download our survey report to discover how finance leaders are using HR data and technology to reach company goals, as well as their perspectives on:

  • Expectations for a rebound in staffing, revenue, and profits
  • The top priorities shaping high-stakes strategic decisions
  • The business impact of a closer than ever relationship with HR
  • Tactics for hiring and retention in order to support company success
  • HR tools and technology that can help improve operational efficiency

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