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Advances in technology, generational shifts, and worker preferences are disrupting the workplace of today

Millennials make up nearly 40 percent of today’s workforce, and Generation Z has grown to 7 percent in less than a decade – with that number expected to rise while the percentage of working baby boomers decreases with retirement.

The younger generation already has made an impact – employers probably have sponsored more casual dress days in the past few years than they did in all their other years in business combined. Where the new workforce truly is affecting the workplace is with technology; they were raised on it and they want more options at work that utilize technology.

The latest research by Paychex shows that employers have increased their flexibility in recent years to address employee requests for more options on their schedules and time off, work spaces, HR accessibility through self-service tools, workplace technology, and more.

Read more about our findings by downloading “The Future of Work: How Shifting Dynamics, Technological Advances, and Worker Preferences are Disrupting the Workplace of Today.”

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