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The 2022 Pulse of HR: A Comprehensive View of the State of HR in U.S. Businesses

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Today’s business and hiring environment has redefined what it takes to succeed as an HR professional. Sustained economic volatility, a reshaped workplace, and a dramatic shift in the employee-employer power dynamic, are just some of the factors contributing to this shift — and HR leaders are being forced to adapt and innovate at lightning speed to help their organizations remain competitive.

The sixth annual Paychex Pulse of HR report provides an in-depth look at how HR professionals across the U.S. are achieving ambitious goals in this new era of work, including the policies and tools they’re using to deliver on both HR and business objectives—faster, and at scale—while serving the needs of employees.

Download the report to discover:

  • What’s presenting itself as the most time-consuming task for HR leaders today
  • What tactics are working to help HR leaders attract and retain top talent
  • The tool that’s saving HR teams 120 hours a year
  • How the definition for “good” employee performance is being redefined
  • The close link between employee well-being and company success
  • What remote work policies are improving employee engagement
  • The benefit offerings and technologies that HR leaders are leaning on most to achieve HR and business goals

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