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employer using hr data to help run their business
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Connecting Workforce and Business Strategy: How Finance Can Use HR Data to Drive Business Success

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Managing financial capital has long been established as a key driver of business performance, while the importance of managing human capital has often been understated and undermeasured.

Today though, business leaders increasingly recognize that companies with effective HR management are more likely to outperform competitors. Now more than ever, they have an opportunity to stretch the power of HR data well beyond the HR space to impact the way their business is run and, ultimately, their bottom line.

In this book, discover why breaking down the silos between HR and finance can drive better business strategy and growth. Supported by insights from Jeff Higgins, Founder & CEO of Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI), you will learn:

  • 14 simple HR metrics your HR and finance teams should be tracking, and why
  • How HR data can be used to identify and solve for workforce vulnerabilities by allowing you to answer difficult questions such as:
    • Is workforce productivity increasing or decreasing?
    • How does our productivity compare to that of our peers?
    • Where do we usually get our best talent?
    • Who performs the best, and stays the longest?
    • Are we seeing a return on our investment in training, and if so, how much is it?
  • How HR software can improve data collection for more efficient reporting and insight gathering.

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