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Small Business Incorporation Services 

Looking to add legitimacy to your business, start up payroll, and protect your assets in the process? It might be a good time to incorporate. We've partnered with MyCorporation, a leading provider of online document filing services, to make it fast and easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), without spending money on an attorney.

What you can get with business incorporation services 

Get your business started on the right foot with:

  • Incorporation filing for optimal tax advantages — limited liability company (LLC), C-corp, S-corp
  • Federal employer identification number (FEIN) application
  • Minutes and bylaws;
  • Annual report filings
  • Trademark and copyright applications
  •  Business licenses

We Give You What You Need

Corporate compliance package

Get everything you need to help you stay in good standing with state laws and store, access, and manage all your corporate documents from one online location. Special pricing available –contact us for details.

FEIN and state ID application

Apply for the federal and state employer tax ID numbers required for opening a business bank account, building a credit profile, hiring employees, and starting payroll.

Business licenses

MyCorporation can help identify the license requirements that apply to your business,and provide you with the application forms and where to send them.

S-corporation status filing

Possibly save on taxes by incorporating under Subchapter S of the IRS code. This allows any income earned to pass through the corporation untaxed, directly to shareholders.

Minutes and bylaws

Get help obtaining internal documents necessary to operating your business. MyCorporation has customized packages that include corporate bylaws, waiver of notice of first meeting of board of directors, and stock transfer ledger.

Trademark and copyrights

Protect your business name or logo by applying for a trademark, and safeguard your creative work by filing copyright registration.

Entity Choice Wizard 

Simply answer a few questions and MyCorporation will suggest a potential business entity that matches your business and its goals.

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Incorporation Services FAQ

  • What does incorporation mean?

    What does incorporation mean?

    When thinking about what it means for your business, incorporation is the process of legally forming a corporate entity or company. This process separates the business’s assets and income from those of owners and investors. As a result, incorporation helps add a layer of protection. Forming a corporation or LLC effectively turns your business into its own separate legal entity, meaning it’s responsible for its own debts and obligations. It enters contracts, takes out loans, and holds assets. Meanwhile, your property is protected as your personal liability is reduced.

  • Can I incorporate for free?

    Can I incorporate for free?

    However you decide to incorporate your business, there’s no avoiding the filing fees of the state where you end up incorporating. Each state has different fees and regulations specific to that state. Though entrepreneurs may think it’ll be cheaper to file in whichever state has the least amount of fees and taxes, it’s often easier and cheaper to file in the state where your business is located, simply because it can save you from everything that comes along with what’s known as “foreign qualifying.”

  • What is the purpose of incorporation?

    What is the purpose of incorporation?

    Incorporation helps you protect personal and business assets, establish a structure for investment capital and loans, and choose a business entity for optimal tax advantages. Incorporating can also add credibility to your business for both customers and potential advisors.

  • What is an example of incorporation?

    What is an example of incorporation?

    Corporations and LLCs are examples of popular business entities, and both may help protect you by limiting your personal liability. However, there are some key differences between the two structures, and the right choice for your business depends on how you want to run it. It’s also in your best interest to seek advice from a lawyer or accountant before deciding.

  • Is incorporated the same as LLC?

    Is incorporated the same as LLC?

    When you incorporate, you may choose an LLC as your business entity, but it’s not the only option. There are additional business types that you may pick, depending on how you wish to run your business.

  • When is a company incorporated?

    When is a company incorporated?

    Your company is officially incorporated when certain information is filed with the secretary of state or other state agency responsible for business filings:

    • Articles of incorporation
    • Certificate of organization

    Fees must typically be paid when filing the articles, but the amount can vary by state. However, these documents only meet the minimal filing requirements. It may also be helpful to have and establish:

    • Corporate bylaws
    • Operating agreement

    Most states don’t require LLCs to have an operating agreement, but some important rules are left out when you simply file an LLC with the state, so you need an operating agreement to let you know:

    • The responsibilities of the members or managers of the LLC
    • Who’s entitled to what assets;
    • The distribution of profit and losses;
    • How business decisions can be reached;
    • How to dissolve your LLC, if you choose.

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