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Small business loans

If you’re making a go of your entrepreneurial dreams, you might have, at one time or another, felt like a small fish in a big pond. And without the means to grow, you run the risk of getting swallowed up by the bigger fish.

Paychex can help connect you with the capital you need to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Our Small Business Loan Center* puts you in touch with a variety of funding options that fit your business needs – right from the ease of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Building a small business takes more than time and talent — it also takes capital. That's why Paychex has partnered with Biz2Credit, a pioneer in the small business financing industry, to help you find the best loans available.

    24-hour pre-qualification

    Get pre-approved for working-capital in just one day.

    Beginning-to-end solution

    You can complete a single application and submit all needed documentation online.

    Help from experts

    The funding specialists at Biz2Credit can help match you with the right loan — at the right term and rate — for your business.

    Paychex Promise® with Payroll Protection

    Paychex Promise provides the ultimate peace of mind for your business—protection against payroll interruptions. We provide you the flexibility to extend the collection of payroll funds from your bank account by up to seven days.  So you can protect against unexpected business challenges and deliver on your employees’ favorite day.

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What you get with the Paychex Small Business Loan Center


  • 24-hour pre-qualification (for working capital products)
  • Higher approval rates
  • Access to a funding specialist for help
  • A beginning-to-end solution; complete a single application and submit all needed documentation online
  • The best funding options matched to your business


Lending opportunities right at your fingertips

  • Higher approval rates

    Many of the loans available through the Paychex Small Business Loan Center are available at higher approval rates than funding options you may find elsewhere. Chances are good that you’re already pre-qualified!

  • Use funds however you need them

    How you spend the funds from small business loans is totally up to you. With this kind of flexibility, you might consider using them to:

    • Purchase inventory
    • Ramp up marketing efforts
    • Buy additional real estate or remodel existing space
    • Cover payroll expenses
    • Refinance debt
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