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Improving Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Employee mental health in the workplace is top of mind with business owners and HR managers. Our new survey identifies benefits employees say could help improve their emotional, financial, physical, and social wellness — potentially improving productivity, recruiting, and retention.

Employee Mental Health Resources

  • Read the Results

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    Mental Health Infographic

    Get key statistics from our workplace mental health survey and find out what they could mean for your business and read more about the situation.

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  • Read the Report

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    2021 State of Mental Health in the Workplace Report

    Read the full results of our survey and learn the state of workplace mental health and its affects on employees and ultimately the businesses they work for.

    Download the report

  • Read the Guide

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    How Are Your Employees Feeling? A Guide to Workplace Mental Health

    Learn steps you can start taking today to address the four pillars of mental health in your workplace: emotional, financial, physical, and social.
    Download the guide

  • Watch the Webinar

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    Employee Mental Health — Visible Costs of an Invisible Struggle

    Hear about the state of workplace mental health and what you can do to improve employee mental health in your business from HR experts Steve Boese: HR Technology Conference Co-Chair and Co-Host of HR Happy Hour and Alison Stevens: Paychex Director of HR Services.

    Watch the Webinar

  • Watch the Demos

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    Paychex HR Solutions for Employee Mental Health Struggles

    Paychex HR Consultant Dan Allen and host Ken Harrington answer important audience questions from our mental health webinar and show you how to use Paychex products, services, and features to help improve employee mental health in your workplace.

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    Headshot of Jake Flaitz

    The Power of Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

    With the COVID-19 pandemic having a significant impact on the emotional, financial, and physical health of individuals across the globe, employers can no longer wait to invest in employee wellness programs. Join Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits and Wellbeing at Paychex, as we discuss the critical role that employee wellbeing has on your overall business success.

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    Headshot of Cathleen Swody

    Mental Health Series: Improving You and Your Employees’ Mental Wellbeing in the Virtual Workplace

    Learn how employers and employees can improve their mental health in the workplace as well as in a virtual work environment. Cathleen Swody, Founding Partner and Director of Assessment from Thrive Leadership, talks with Gene Marks about improving communication, the mental health benefits you can offer to employees, and why business owners should also take time off.

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    head shot of Dr. L. Casey Chosewood

    Mental Health Series: Total Worker Health. What is It? Why is It Important? And How the CDC Says You Can Help Improve it.

    To keep employees physically safe at work, you meet OSHA regulations. But according to Dr. L. Casey Chosewood from the CDC, your employees' mental health is just as important. Hear as he explains Total Worker Health®, and why business owners should be introducing policies, programs, and practices to help address financial, mental health, and personal life stressors.

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    headshot of Dr. Krystal Lewis

    Mental Health Series: The Importance of Mental Health for You, Your Employees, and the Culture of Your Company

    Dr. Krystal Lewis, a Clinical Psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), talks with Gene Marks about the importance of positive mental health – not just for your employees, but for you as a business owner as well. Hear about everything from dealing with work frustrations to making psychologists available to employees and to yourself.

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