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Paychex Business Series podcast

Want your business to thrive?

Join host Gene Marks for Season 3 of THRIVE, our weekly business podcast, and hear timely, targeted insights from the industry leaders, policy experts, and newsmakers at the forefront of current marketplace conditions, pending legislation, and innovations. In about 20 minutes each week, you’ll hear resourceful strategies that can help your organization navigate the dynamics of today’s business climate and THRIVE.

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Season 3 | Episode 4
Antony Davies and James Harrigan, Co-Hosts of Words and Numbers Podcast
COVID-19 Podcasts 30:18 min listen

Warning to Businesses: Brace for Impact of U.S. Debt

Hard times are coming for the ship of state, warn economic analysts Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan. As Congress raises the U.S. debt ceiling again, while the national debt and government overspending spiral past the bounds of reality, how can businesses prepare to minimize painful outcomes looming on the economic horizon? Don’t miss Part 2 of this conversation on debt, inflation, and the negative balance in our national ledger.

Topics include:

2:28 - Debt ceiling, overspending, inflation
5:31- Social Security insolvent in 10 years
6:55 - What's your $20 worth?
8:00 - Could the U.S. default on its debt?
15:00 - Historic debt trends
16:37 - Constitutional concerns
18:53 – Is U.S. debt too high to pay off?
22:46 - Takeaway? We’re bankrupt
23:05 - Preparing for financial pains ahead
25:17 - Two blows to business in new tax plan

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Season 3 | Episode 3
James Harrigan and Antony Davies, co-hosts of Words and Numbers podcast
Podcasts 28:12 min listen

Brace for Impact: The Coming Pressures of Inflation

The signs are clear: inflation isn’t just on the way, it’s already here. That’s what economic experts Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan say in this episode, the first of two on inflation, U.S. debt, and the nation’s economy. Given rising prices, Federal Reserve actions, supply chain shortages, and labor force impacts, how can business owners like you buffer against the bumpy road ahead?

Topics Include:

2:11 - The misinformation around inflation
6:07 -  Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) 
12:05 - Why more gov’t money spurs inflation
14:30 - Supply chain shortages and price jumps
16:57 – Are CPI increases tied to extra unemployment benefits?
20:09 - Shortages in labor, and on shelves
22:40 - Borrowing in the face of inflation
27:06 - Is inflation ever "good?"

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Season 3 | Episode 2
Beto Perez, Founder of Zumba
Startup Podcasts 30:05 min listen

Shake It ’Til You Make It: Zumba® Creator Beto Perez’s Rise to Success

Colombian native Beto Perez came to America with little more than a passion for dance, inner drive, and a dream. Today, the Zumba® fitness empire with its dance workouts, instructor certification, and branded merchandise, is an international success, reaching fans — the Zumba family — in more than 185 countries. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with this inspiring story of a renowned Latin American entrepreneur.

Topics include:

1:32 - Childhood love of dance
3:07 - First dance job at age 15
6:45 - Lambada dance competition win leads to more success
11:01 - Arrival in America and a key audition
13:47 - Choosing a future business partner
15:32 - The sales pitch that started it all
18:20 - Shifting the business model
19:49 - Scale, global success of Zumba fitness
21:46 - Adding new products to the brand
24:41 - New gym: City Zero
27:30 - What’s next? Sub-brand and … movie?

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Season 3 | Episode 1
Tom McGee, president and CEO of ICSC
COVID-19 Podcasts 29:56 min listen

It’s Not Business as Usual for Retail

Despite the rise of e-commerce, modern retail is flourishing, says Tom McGee, president and CEO of ICSC. Savvy retailers have embraced tech innovations, changes to physical store layouts, and a shift to service customers’ last mile of delivery. Further, essential retailers and experience-oriented service providers have transformed commercial real estate hubs into modern centers for community life.

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