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Paychex Business Series podcast

The Paychex Business Series with Gene Marks

Join host Gene Marks as he talks with real small business owners and other experts about today’s top issues, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the workplace, employees, and the way we work.

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Season 2 | Episode 72
Gene Marks, Host of the Paychex Business Series Podcast
COVID-19 Podcasts 27:55 min listen

Season 2 Finale: Rising Costs, Labor Shortages are Top Issues for Businesses in 2021

Host Gene Marks wraps up season two with advice for businesses facing the biggest challenges of the year—rising costs and labor disruptions. Hear his insights on how entrepreneurs and business owners like you can handle the challenges of inflation and supply chain increases, and review the multiple strategies you can use to compete for employees in a tight labor market.    

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Season 2 | Episode 71
Gene Marks, host of Paychex Business Series Podcast
COVID-19 Podcasts 27:59 min listen

Running Your Business Safely in a COVID-19 Era: The Best of Season 2

As Season two wraps up, Gene Marks looks back on some of the best conversations regarding business safety in the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune into the first half as he recaps cybersecurity in the workplace with Rick McElroy, Principal Cyber Security Strategist at VMware. Listen into the second half for a talk with Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Saskia Popescu on creating a safer work environment.

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Season 2 | Episode 70
Carolyn Lee, Executive Director the Manufacturing Institute
Podcasts 27:31 min listen

Diversity & Inclusion: How The Manufacturing Institute is Innovating the Global Workforce

Hiring and retaining labor is one of the largest issues facing businesses. At The Manufacturing Institute, Executive Director Carolyn Lee is pushing initiatives like FAME, Second Chance Hiring, and STEP Women's to resolve this issue. Listen in as she talks with Gene Marks about these innovative campaigns to sustain and empower the global workforce.

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Season 2 | Episode 69
Steve Sandherr, CEO of The Associated General Contractors of America
Compliance Podcasts 29:22 min listen

How the Infrastructure Bill and PRO Act Will Impact Contractors in America

The Infrastructure Bill and PRO Act are both legislations that have major impacts on the American construction industry. From infrastructure to union power, where do they stand in helping contractors? Hear as Gene Marks speaks with CEO Steve Sandherr of The Associated General Contractors of America on his views of these two bills and what they mean for the industry.

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Learn more about what the PRO Act means for the construction industry at

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Season 2 | Episode 68
Zippy Duvall, President of American Farm Bureau Federation
COVID-19 Podcasts 28:12 min listen

How the American Farm Bureau Federation Helps Farmers Stay in Business

How do we help farmers stay in business in a modern world? With rising issues such as inflation and labor shortage, Zippy Duvall, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, addresses this by giving a united voice to farmers. Hear as he speaks with Gene Marks on the Right to Repair, the Infrastructure Bill, and more.

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Season 2 | Episode 67
Michael Bellaman, President and CEO of the ABC
COVID-19 Podcasts 32:38 min listen

Wellness in the Construction Industry: How the PRO Act and Infrastructure Bill will Impact Workers

How will the recently passed Infrastructure Bill and PRO Act impact the construction industry? Hear as Gene Marks speaks with President and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors Association, Michael Bellaman, about his insights on these two bills, the ABC’s motives, and the future of the industry.

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Season 2 | Episode 66
Connor Mykins, Paychex Compliance Analyst
COVID-19 Podcasts 14:28 min listen

Direct Loan Forgiveness, 60/40 Rule, and More: What to Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

To help small businesses cover their expenses in the pandemic, the SBA is taking action by expanding its Paycheck Protection Program. So, what new changes can owners expect? Listen in as Gene Marks speaks with Connor Mykins, a Paychex compliance analyst, on the Direct Loan Forgiveness Portal, 60/40 rule, and how to apply for forgiveness.

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Season 2 | Episode 65
Senator Ben Cardin, Maryland
Management Podcasts 21:50 min listen

Senator Ben Cardin on Creating Opportunities for Minority Communities

In new emerging markets, minority businesses lack opportunities to grow with other communities. In this episode, Gene Marks speaks with Senator Ben Cardin about three bills he’s supporting to develop, fund, and uplift minority entrepreneurs.  

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Season 2 | Episode 64
Dr. Robert Cialdini,  three-time New York Times author of Influence,  and Pre-Suasion
Marketing Podcasts 34:27 min listen

The Seven Core Principles Behind the Art of Influence That Can Benefit Your Business with Dr. Robert Cialdini

On this episode of the Paychex Business Series podcast, Gene Marks is talking with three-time New York Times author, Dr. Robert Cialdini about the seven core principles behind the art of influence. Hear as they talk about how reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, liking, consensus, and unity can all help to not just persuade people, but persuade customers, and how businesses have used these to help overcome challenges.

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Season 2 | Episode 63
Rick McElroy, Principal Cyber Security Strategist at VMware
Management Podcasts 30:21 min listen

With Cyber Attacks on the Rise, What Can You Do to Protect Your Business?

On this episode, Gene Marks talks with Rick McElroy, Principal Cyber Security Strategist at VMware, about all things cyber security. Listen in as the growing numbers of cyber crimes, the impact of a remote workforce on your business’ security, what you can do to protect your company, and much more. 

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