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Paychex Business Series podcast

Want your business to thrive?

Join host Gene Marks for Season 3 of THRIVE, our weekly business podcast, and hear timely, targeted insights from the industry leaders, policy experts, and newsmakers at the forefront of current marketplace conditions, pending legislation, and innovations. In about 20 minutes each week, you’ll hear resourceful strategies that can help your organization navigate the dynamics of today’s business climate and THRIVE.

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Season 3 | Episode 83
Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express
COVID-19 Podcasts 31:08 min listen

For One Shipping Company, Success is More Than How Fast You Deliver

Wondering what success looks like for a shipping company during a supply chain crisis? Well, just ask Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express U.S.. Listen in as he talks with host Gene Marks about how DHL Express is focusing on their employees in order to help their customers during this challenging time. 

Topics Include:

01:11 – About DHL Express
02:48 – Greg Hewitt’s background
03:17 – Reflecting on the past two years
08:09 – How DHL is attracting and retaining talent
15:37 – Compensation vs. workplace environment
18:03 – The importance of your people
19:20 – Happy employees, happy customers
21:32 – Advice for managing shipping costs
23:55 – Sharing the cost of shipping

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Greg Hewitt talked about how DHL keeps a low turnover rate, read about what not to do when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

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Season 3 | Episode 82
Gene Marks, Host of On the Mark
COVID-19 Podcasts 9:39 min listen

5 Ways to Help Your Business Work Better with Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, which means your debt payments will go up, interest on new loans will be higher, and despite that, you still have a business to run. Gene Marks shares a few strategies for you to consider when navigating this new financial climate, including seeking longer-term financing and considering interest-bearing accounts. Listen to this week’s episode.

Season 3 | Episode 81
Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican from Iowa
COVID-19 Podcasts 14:12 min listen

Sen. Chuck Grassley Talks Changes to Small Business Bankruptcy

As a business owner, going bankrupt is never something you plan for, so when it does happen, it shouldn’t be any harder than it has to be. On this episode of THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast, Gene Marks is talking to Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, about the latest legislation that he has been working on to make bankruptcy easier on small businesses. Listen in as he talks about the changes this legislation will make.

Topics Include:

00:48 – 2019 Small Business Reorganization Act
02:12 – What inspired the new legislation
03:53 – The improvements to the existing Chapter 11
06:15 – Bankruptcy and the existing economy
08:19 – Sen. Grassley’s thoughts on addressing small business challenges
11:32 – The upcoming midterm elections

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Season 3 | Episode 80
Gene Marks, Host of On the Mark
COVID-19 Podcasts 6:51 min listen

Recession? Slowdown? Could Be an Opportunity to Position Your Business for the Future

Data suggests a slowdown, with layoffs in the tech and real estate industries and a decline in manufacturing. Plus, with inflation high, people are bracing for a recession. However, Gene Marks sees this as a chance for businesses to level-set their costs and even load up from the available talent pool. Listen to this week’s episode for more details.

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Season 3 | Episode 79
Terence Cummings, VP of Small Segment and Business Operations at Sage
Marketing Podcasts 28:53 min listen

In a Time of High Wages and High Costs, the Answer is Technology

Terence Cummings, Vice President of Small Segment and Business Operations at Sage, is talking with Gene Marks about how CRM and accounting software technology can help small businesses take on challenges of our current economy. Hear what he has to say about keeping yourself as productive as possible, keeping yourself profitable, taking on supply chain issues, and so much more.

Topics Include:

00:17 – Meet Terence Cummings
04:18 – An introduction to Sage
06:35 – This year’s top challenges for business owners
09:52 – AI machine learning robotics and customer service
12:07 – How CRM technology helps manage customers, equipment, and supplies
12:55 – How Sage connects you to the information they want and need
14:09 – CRM, productivity, accessibility, and cutting labor time
17:59 – Sage’s partner channel and why it’s so critical
22:00 – Utilizing all the software is capable of to make informed decisions
24:47 – The one thing businesses should be doing with Sage

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Speaking of technology, learn about the latest HR technology trends for 2022.

Payroll technology is another great way to increase productivity, learn about the payroll technology trends for 2022.

Season 3 | Episode 78
Gene Marks, Host of On the Mark
Management Podcasts 5:47 min listen

Practicing Wage Transparency Can Help Narrow the Pay Gap

Nearly 20 states and some major metros have passed wage transparency laws that require businesses to disclose a job position’s salary or salary range to prospective candidates. Gene Marks suggests that businesses make this part of their normal hiring process regardless of whether there is a mandate in place because it helps level the playing field and supports pay equity. He offers some resources that can help with pay scale rates and more on this week’s episode.   

Season 3 | Episode 77
Bethenny Frankel, TV personality, Entrepreneur, And Author
Management Podcasts 23:51 min listen

Bethenny Frankel: Why Business Is Personal

Bethenny Frankel, a name you may recognize from TV. But Bethenny is more than a reality TV personality, she’s a businesswoman who has built wildly successful companies, such as her Skinnygirl brand and her disaster relief initiative, Bstrong. Listen in as Bethenny talks with Gene Marks about her success as an entrepreneur, her experiences as a business owner, and why it’s so important to stay true to yourself.

Topics include:

00:25 – An introduction to Bethenny Frankel
01:30 – How to manage your time effectively and efficiently
05:46 – Why it’s important to stay five steps ahead
09:06 – Having business advisors but knowing what you’re doing
11:12 – Think of investors as another keeper
14:04 – Tedious tasks and why they’re so important
15:04 – Building a team of A-game players
17:59 – Making sure your employees fit with your company culture
19:30 – The long-term plan

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Building a team? Find out how a bad hire can impact your business.

Bethenny talked about the importance of tedious tasks, find out how outsourcing payroll and HR services can help you focus on other parts of your business.

Want to hear more about what it takes to be successful while staying true to yourself? Read Bethenny’s book Business is Personal.

Season 3 | Episode 76
Gene Marks, Host of On the Mark
Management Podcasts 5:40 min listen

Proposed New Rule Could Strip Independence from Independent Contractors

With a proposed new rule on independent contractors nearing fruition, independent contractors could be reclassified as employees and lose the flexibility they currently enjoy of naming their cost for services and of working for more than one company. Gene Marks shares insights on how businesses will be impacted, especially financially if they have to pay specific wages and possibly overtime. Listen to this week’s podcast for more.

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Season 3 | Episode 75
René Lacerte, Founder and CEO of
Marketing Podcasts 25:22 min listen

Creating Efficiency By Embracing Digital Technology

René Lacerte, Founder and CEO of, talks with Gene Marks about how digital technology can help business owners with their financial operations. Hear what he says about how can help with accounts payable and accounts receivable, the importance of embracing digital technology, and much more.

Topics include:

00:58 – And introduction to
04:49 – How can make your life easier?
07:58 – The ease of setting up
10:03 – Get more done with the same staff
12:47 – The partnership approach of
14:33 – Where does stand in an uncertain economy?
16:52 – Navigating supply chain, inflation, and high interest rates
20:26 – The future of
22:08 – Why businesses need technology like

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Find out more ways to help improve efficiencies within your company.

Season 3 | Episode 74
Gene Marks, host of On the Mark
Marketing Podcasts 7:43 min listen

Businesses Shift Strategies to Digital and text Messaging Marketing

This week’s “On the Mark” episode offers insights on how businesses could approach enhancing their presence in the marketplace. Using online data from SEMRush over the past four years that studied keywords and search traffic, businesses are clearly thinking more digitally about their marketing and communication strategies. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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How to Get Found Online. Listen to THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast, as an SEMRush senior VP shares how the right people and plan can get your website noticed.