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Paychex Leadership Series podcast

Want to improve your HR Leadership?

Tune in to PULSE, a Paychex HR podcast, for insightful strategies to empower and sustain the heart of your company—your employees—as your organization navigates today’s workforce dynamics. Keep your finger on the pulse of HR developments across the field with best-practice insights and inspiration from experts at the forefront of HR leadership, research, innovation, and compliance.

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Season 3 | Episode 15
Jarryd Rutter, Paychex HR Coach
Human Resources Podcasts 16:08 min listen

Boomerang Employees: Why They’re Good For Business

In the face of the Great Resignation, many businesses are seeing an increase in “Boomerang Employees.” But what are they, and is a boomerang employee a good thing? Hear from Jarryd Rutter, a Paychex HR Coach, as he talks with Rob Parsons, host of PULSE, a Paychex HR Podcast, as he talks about what you need to know about rehiring former employees.

Topics include:

00:17 – Who is Jarryd Rutter?
01:01 – What is a Boomerang employee?
01:26 – Why should a business hire a boomerang employee?
03:00 – Why to not take it personally when an employee leaves
04:08 – Creating a smooth off-boarding process
05:42 – What about bringing back terminated employees?
07:13 – Setting policies and procedures for hiring boomerang employees
10:42 – What is a stay interview and why is it beneficial?
12:49 – The Great Resignation

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Read about the importance of having a positive offboarding process.

Learn more about how to handle a boomerang employee.

Season 3 | Episode 14
Sabina Bahtia, Chief Customer Officer at PayActiv
Podcasts 23:55 min listen

Improving Financial Wellness for Your Frontline Workers

Financial wellness programs are about connecting your employees to all the resources they need. Join us as we talk with Sabina Bahtia, Chief Customer Officer at PayActiv about the gig workforce, wellness benefits such as on-demand pay, and the need to connect to each of your employees to help their financial well-being and ensure they aren’t just living but thriving financially.

Topics include:

01:00 – Holistic financial wellness
01:58 – The frontline workforce
03:52 – The state of financial wellness for essential workers
06:22 – The reality of financial stress
10:42 – Employers – more than a transactional relationship
11:53 – On-demand pay
13:37 – The importance of connecting to your workforce
18:22 – Gone are the days of seasonal employees
21:25 – Taking care of your employees

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Learn more about the benefits of having a financial wellness program.

Season 3 | Episode 13
Jeanne Meister, Executive Vice President of Executive Networks
Human Resources Podcasts 15:05 min listen

HR Survey Results: Employees’ Concerns with Unpredictable Work Schedules

When it comes to work schedules, unpredictability has been the norm. Some employees are working more, while still others don’t know which hours or days they’ll be working from one week to the next. Listen in as Jeanne Meister discusses our online survey of 605 full-time and part-time employees working at small to mid-sized businesses (20-500 employees). You’ll hear how unpredictable work schedules are impacting employees, and what today’s leaders can do to address the challenges being faced by different parts of their workforce.

Topics include:

0:50 – Research reveals impacts of work schedules
2:30 – Unpredictability and hourly workers
3:23 – Younger generations most affected
6:25 – Ways to address the problem at its cause
9:27 – Full-time employees are putting in more hours
11:07 – Flexibility in “when” and “where” I work
12:13 – Recommendations for leaders

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Read “How Unpredictable Work Schedules Are Affecting Employee Well-being“ to get in-depth specifics and statistics from the survey.

Submit your suggestions for guests or topics to the show at:

Season 3 | Episode 12
Yasmin Hebert and Dr. Thela Thatch
Inclusion and Diversity Podcasts 16:30 min listen

Build DEI Leadership Through a Culture of Belonging

What kind of leadership training can best help you guide your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to measurable growth? According to two of our Paychex HR leaders, Dr. Thelá  Thatch, DEI manager, and Yasmin Hebert, HR Services area manager, authentic, accountable personal commitment to inclusive practices is the key. Hear about the spectrum of diversity across employees, and why HR leaders must be intentional to embrace equity and inclusion in their hiring and management practices. And learn why companies that create a sense of belonging for diverse individuals with unique perspectives and skills can achieve significant ROI that benefits a business.  

Topics include:

2:06 - Value of DEI to companies
3:33 - Stacey Gordon's Four A's of DEI: awareness, alignment, action, advocacy
6:11 - Two more A's: accountability and authenticity
7:46 - Leaders must be intentional with inclusion
10:21 - The spectrum of diversity, working towards belonging
12:08 - Authenticity vs. being "performative"
13:34 - Leaders are key
14:17 - DEI initiatives start with listening, presenting the "why" behind a goal

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Access the Paychex webinar on DEI leadership training taught by Dr. Thelá Thatch and Yasmin Hebert.

Not sure where to start when it comes to implementing DEI initiatives? Consider a DEI audit for your organization. Our article shares details.

Season 3 | Episode 11
Brenton Dalgliesh, Paychex HR Services HR Consultant
Human Resources Podcasts 13:20 min listen

Stop Turnover in Its Tracks with Stay Interviews and Retention Insights

In today’s tight labor market, keeping good employees is critical. That’s why a stay interview — a one-on-one conversation to assess your staffer’s comfort level, challenges, and career goals — can be a proactive tool to prevent turnover. In this episode, Brenton Dalgliesh, a longtime HR consultant with Paychex HR Services, shares how managers can maintain simple, sincere connections and communication with employees. You’ll also learn how HR technology like our Paychex Flex Retention Insights feature can help you assess which workers may be ready for this conversation.

Topics include: 

0:17 - Brenton's HR background, value of stay interviews
1:37 - Employee retention is often a communication issue
2:59 - Anonymous surveys present challenges
3:59 - The value of a 1-on-1 personal conversation
5:31 - The need for connective check-ins BEFORE the 1-on-1
6:41 - How HCM technology can help improve employee retention
8:23 - Conveying value and respect to employees
9:53 - Employees expect and need a level of care
11:28 - Need for follow-through and accountability
11:52 - Retention Insights tool included in Paychex Flex for all clients

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How can HR managers work with employees to improve retention? Find best practices and guidance in our article.

Need more details on how to hold a stay interview? Read our article.

Season 3 | Episode 10
Jeanne Meister, Executive Vice President, Executive Network
COVID-19 Podcasts 12:16 min listen

HR Survey Results: Workers’ Top COVID Variant Concerns

As we mark two years this month since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the U.S., workplace disruptions and uncertainties around emerging COVID variants continue to affect the employee experience. While the Delta and Omicron variants may have declined, what could be next? Hear research expert Jeanne Meister of Executive Networks discuss findings in the latest survey of 601 workers at small- to mid-size businesses. What are workers’ top concerns about the impact of future variants on their families, companies, and job status? How do perspectives differ between single, working parents of school-age children to Gen Z to other generations? And what insights should most inform an employer’s response?

Topics Include:

1:11 - Work disruptions, uncertainties continuing
1:55 - Top concern: bringing Covid home to family
3:57 - Impact on single, working parents with schoolchildren
5:56 - Gen Z combats job loss fears with side gigs, seeking new work
9:14 - Companies need sentiment surveys by generations ...
10:11 - ... and transparent career journey discussions

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Review in-depth specifics and statistics from the survey findings with our article "Top Employee Concerns Related to COVID-19 Variants." 

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Season 3 | Episode 9
Rachel Sweeney and Chelsey Evans, Paychex HR Coaches
Human Resources Podcasts 16:31 min listen

The Growth Factor: Investing in Your Workers for Long-Term Success


How can companies today improve the employee experience? By building a stronger company culture, advise Paychex HR Services HR coaches Rachel Sweeney and Chelsey Evans. Hear how the “human” side of your organization — its company values, care for employee well-being, professional development, and management support — can translate to long-term employee retention. Further, learn how top-down investments that support employee growth, across an individual’s tenure with an organization, can foster a positive work environment where each person feels heard and valued. 

Topics include:

1:08 - Company culture factors into retention
3:09 - How's the human side of your company?
6:43 - Training, development valuable across tenure
9:38 - Top-down support of employee growth needed
11:19 - Investments in employee experience pays off long-term.
13:17 - Does company culture include time for training?
15:03 - Need for employer flexibility

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How does your workplace culture impact your business and its employees? Read our article.

Research shows that employee well-being is even more critical to retention amid the Great Resignation and ongoing labor shortage. Review the summary of findings.

Season 3 | Episode 8
Steve Gilliland, Motivational Speaker
Human Resources Podcasts 18:09 min listen

Engaging Employees with Bite-Size Motivation

How can companies engage and inform their entire workforce on concepts like character, adaptability, communication, action, vision and more — when staffers may be working across remote, hybrid, or in-person settings? Longtime speaker Steve Gilliland created “Motivation Bites,” a 52-week series of 5-minute videos to help businesses educate everyone from service workers to managers to executives on employee performance essentials needed today. Hear how these new micro-resources can add value to your corporate culture.   

Topics include:

0:59 - Shift to "It is what you make of it."
1:58 - Origins of 5-minute "Motivation Bites"
4:56 - Uncovering workplace performance essentials
7:33 - Whole companies getting the same message
9:29 - How culture impacts workplace performance messaging
11:08 – Example: communication in a virtual workplace
13:43 – Weaving Dreams for the impoverished and those with cancer  

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Need ideas for boosting employee motivation in today’s uncertain times? Find them in our article.

Review tips for fostering a healthy remote work culture for your employees in our article.

Learn more about Steve’s “Motivation Bites” Virtual Series at his website.

Find more information about the “Weaving Dreams” initiative at the Gilliland Foundation.

Season 3 | Episode 7
Jeanne Meister, Executive Networks
COVID-19 Podcasts 10:50 min listen

HR Survey Results: Workers’ Well-Being Now Takes Priority

As the Great Resignation continues, new findings from a recent Paychex survey identify expectations around employee well-being as a top factor for workers, and further ranking among those most desired in a future job search. Yet there are varying approaches to well-being in the workplace for different generations of employees — whether financial vs. emotional or mental. Hear research expert Jeanne Meister of Executive Networks share further insights on well-being to help businesses improve employee retention and recruiting efforts at this critical time.

Topics include:

0:54 - Framework for survey findings on workplace well-being
2:50 - Financial wellness, overall well-being are top concerns
3:34 - Generations focus on different aspects of well-being
5:51 - Well-being benefits now key part of new job searches
6:57 - Does company culture reflect concern for well-being?
8:24 - Defining and communicating the employee experience
9:24 - Companies can now be reviewed, too

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See top findings and insights from the survey on employee well-being in our recent article.

Review our prior survey findings on factors impacting employee loyalty amid the Great Resignation.

How can a financial wellness program benefit your employees — and your business? Read our article.

Season 3 | Episode 6
Paychex HR Coaches Jodi Hansen and Lindsay Mastrogiovanni
Human Resources Podcasts 20:57 min listen

Lessons in Workplace Flexibility From the Great Resignation

Whether it’s called the Great Resignation or the Great Reevaluation, a significant shift in the workforce means that employers can no longer assume a ready supply of workers to fill traditional roles. Hear from two Paychex HR coaches, Jodi Hansen and Lindsay Mastrogiovanni, on why successful recruiting and employee retention in this new normal means employers will need to prioritize flexibility, ask job candidates and workers what they need, and actively listen to create a company culture aligned to changing times.

Topics Include:

1:46 - Trends around the Great Resignation
3:43 - Which industries and roles have been hit hardest?
6:32 - What are employers getting right — and wrong?
8:51 - Wake-up call: employees now hold power
10:38 - Successful employers now value flexibility, listening
12:00 - What does the new work culture look like?
15:15 - Engaging employees through shared vision and values
16:55 - Benefits of an HR coach

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Could programs that help your employees develop a successful career path foster greater loyalty to your firm? Read more with our article "What is Career Pathing and How Does it Help Businesses?"

As the Great Resignation continues, what factors can strengthen loyalty to your business? Read more with our article "Prioritizing Employee Loyalty Amidst the Great Resignation."