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Paychex Leadership Series podcast

Paychex HR Leadership Podcast Series

Engaging conversations and insights around the most pressing issues of the day, brought to you by most progressive thinkers in the industry.

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Season 2 | Episode 16
Jeanne Meister,  founding partner of Future Workplace
COVID-19 Podcasts 17:14 min listen

HR Survey Results: Employees’ Top Concerns Amid Great Resignation

What are the biggest barriers reported by workers seeking new jobs in the current “Great Resignation,” as companies navigate a post-pandemic return to the office, hybrid, or remote options? What benefits do millennials, Gen Z, and seasoned workers value most as employers consider how to keep their best staff? Hear HR research expert Jeanne Meister of Future Workplace, in the first of two episodes discussing talent retention needs in today’s challenging times.

Review the latest survey of employee findings from Future Workplace and Paychex, "Prioritizing Employee Loyalty Amidst the Great Resignation."

View Jeanne’s presentation from the Paychex 2021 Business Conference, “How to Build a Workplace for What’s Next: Top 3 Trends to Watch For.”

Season 2 | Episode 15
Jeanne Meister, co-founder of Future Workplace
COVID-19 Podcasts 13:18 min listen

HR Survey: Delta Variant, Vaccine Mandates Deter Employees’ Return to Office

How are the delta variant and employer vaccine mandates impacting employees hesitant to return to the office? Hear HR researcher Jeanne Meister of Future Workplace discuss findings from her firm’s recent survey of 630 employees across the U.S. In this episode, the first of two covering survey results, learn how employee comfort levels vary, and which vaccine incentives carry stronger appeal to various workers.

2:24: Impact of delta variant on return to office  
3:09: Number ready to quit if vaccines mandated by employer
5:09: Gen Z discomforts during delta variant
6:16: What vaccine incentives are valued by different generations? 
7:46: How PTO factors into employer vaccine mandates
9:24: What safety measures do employees prefer for in-person work settings?
10:29: Three ways to address employee uncertainties right now

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Review more statistics and findings in this survey from Jeanne and her team "COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates: What Employees Are Thinking About a Return to the Workplace."

Season 2 | Episode 14
Jeanne Meister, founder of HR advisory and research firm, Future Workplace
Human Resources Podcasts 27:39 min listen

HR Jobs of the Future with Jeanne Meister

The role of HR has evolved rapidly over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, so how different might it look ten years from now? In this episode, we talk with Jeanne Meister, founder of HR advisory and research firm, Future Workplace, about the new work landscape and the skills HR professionals must have — as well as the responsibilities that organizations, as a whole, must take-on — to be able to succeed in this new era.

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For more insights about the future of work from Jeanne and her team, download the 2021 HR Sentiment Survey: Five Strategic Priorities for the Hybrid Workplace

And, be sure to check out our Thrive Business Conference to watch Jeanne’s presentation, “How to Build a Workplace for What’s Next: Top 3 Trends to Watch For.”

Season 2 | Episode 13
Dr. L. Casey Chosewood, Director of the Office for Total Worker Health(r) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
COVID-19 Podcasts 25:32 min listen

Investing in Total Worker Health with Dr. Casey Chosewood

According to Dr. Casey Chosewood, Director of the Office for Total Worker Health(r) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when it comes to employee wellbeing, businesses too often focus on policies instead of programs and practices that can help alleviate the employee-related stress they’re seeing. Join us as we discuss why you might not be getting the results you want out of the workplace wellness programs you’re providing, and how you can go beyond your wellness program to foster a happy, healthy, and more engaged workforce.

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If you’re looking for information about addressing employee mental health in the workplace, don’t forget to download our Guide to Workplace Mental Health.

Season 2 | Episode 12
Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits and Wellbeing at Paychex
COVID-19 Podcasts 22:28 min listen

The Power of Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

Historically, businesses have been slow to embrace programs centered around employee wellbeing. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a significant impact on the emotional, financial, and physical health of individuals across the globe, employers can no longer wait to invest in these programs. Join us for a discussion with Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits and Wellbeing at Paychex, where we discuss the critical role that employee wellbeing has on your overall business success.

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For information about addressing employee mental health in the workplace, download our Guide to Workplace Mental Health.

Season 2 | Episode 11
Sheri Giger Principal at Jackson Lewis P.C.
COVID-19 Podcasts 22:42 min listen

Legal Considerations for Your Workplace Vaccination Polic‪y‬

Considering a vaccination policy? You’ll want to listen in as Sheri Giger, a principal in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office of Jackson Lewis P.C., discusses the different approaches you can take, how these may expose you to different levels of risk, and how government regulations and emerging case laws need to be taken into account.

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To learn more about vaccination policies, including data on how businesses plan on managing the process, download our free guide, Paychex COVID-19 Research Report.

Season 2 | Episode 10
Somi Arian; tech philosopher, filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur
Podcasts 44:10 min listen

Using Technology to Bridge Gaps in the Workplace

In this episode, Somi Arian, tech philosopher, filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur, talks with us about the important role technology plays in the socioeconomic status of women in the workplace; how HR professionals can use technology to help bridge the gap between Baby Boomers and Gen Z; and more.

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Season 2 | Episode 9
Ben Eubanks, Researcher of Talent and HR Technologies
Human Resources Podcasts 27:20 min listen

HR Technology and Its Impact on Business Agility

Did you know research shows companies that have increasing levels of agility actually see better business results? In this episode, Ben Eubanks, author, speaker, and researcher of talent technologies and HR practices, talks with us about the correlation between agility and business success, and how HR technology plays a key role in business strategy.

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View more from Ben Eubanks and how the right HR technology can help HR Professionals drive business performance by downloading our whitepaper, "The Future of Work: Using HR Technology to Increase Productivity."

Season 2 | Episode 8
Christophe Riedl & Anita Williams Woolley
COVID-19 Podcasts 25:26 min listen

Burst Communications with Chris Riedl & Anita Williams Woolley

How is it possible for remote teams of people across different locations and time zones to communicate efficiently? For remote teams, communication is both a challenge and a priority — and it will remain so, long after the pandemic has ended.

Researchers Christoph Riedl, associate professor for Information Systems and Network Science at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, and Anita Woolley, associate professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, join us in this episode for a fascinating discussion about “burstiness” – the idea that remote communication is most effective when teams coordinate to communicate in rapid-fire bursts.

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For more tips on managing teams, maintaining employee motivation, and adopting collaborative work tools within a virtual work environment, download our eBookCreating a Robust Virtual Workplace.

Season 2 | Episode 7
Alison Stevens
COVID-19 Podcasts 21:28 min listen

The Future of Work with Alison Stevens

2020 has challenged HR leaders in a way they never could have anticipated; while continuing to play an important strategic role in their organizations, they’ve also had to devise and implement rapid HR responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, Alison Stevens, director of HR Services at Paychex, discusses the most common issues HR leaders are facing today, and what they might expect in the year ahead.

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Learn more about how HR professionals are contributing to the success of their companies by downloading our whitepaper, Paychex Pulse of HR Survey: Stepping Up to Lead