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Paychex HR Leadership
Podcast Series

Engaging conversations and insights around the most pressing issues of the day, brought to you by most progressive thinkers in the industry.

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Season 2 | Episode 10
Somi Arian; tech philosopher, filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur
About Somi Arian

Somi Arian is a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK. With a background in philosophy of science and technology, Somi describes her role in society as a "Transition Architect."

| Podcasts 44:10 min listen

In this episode, Somi Arian, tech philosopher, filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur, talks with us about the important role technology plays in the socioeconomic status of women in the workplace; how HR professionals can use technology to help bridge the gap between Baby Boomers and Gen Z; and more.

Season 2 | Episode 9
Ben Eubanks, Researcher of Talent and HR Technologies
About Ben Eubanks

Ben is an author, speaker, and researcher. He focuses on talent technologies and HR practices that set great organizations apart from the rest. His book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, provides a guide for leveraging technology to create a more human experience for employees.

Human Resources | Podcasts 27:20 min listen

Did you know research shows companies that have increasing levels of agility actually see better business results? In this episode, Ben Eubanks, author, speaker, and researcher of talent technologies and HR practices, talks with us about the correlation between agility and business success, and how HR technology plays a key role in business strategy.

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Season 2 | Episode 8
Christophe Riedl & Anita Williams Woolley
About Christophe Riedl & Anita Williams Woolley

Christoph Riedl is associate professor for Information Systems and Network Science at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Anita Williams Woolley is an associate professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. 

COVID-19 | Podcasts 25:26 min listen

How is it possible for remote teams of people across different locations and time zones to communicate efficiently? For remote teams, communication is both a challenge and a priority — and it will remain so, long after the pandemic has ended.

Researchers Christoph Riedl, associate professor for Information Systems and Network Science at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, and Anita Woolley, associate professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, join us in this episode for a fascinating discussion about “burstiness” – the idea that remote communication is most effective when teams coordinate to communicate in rapid-fire bursts.

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Season 2 | Episode 7
Alison Stevens
About Alison Stevens

Alison Stevens is the director of HR services at Paychex, where she oversees a team of nearly 800 HR professionals. Her career in HR and leadership spans 25 years in the professional services and HCM outsourcing industries.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 21:28 min listen

2020 has challenged HR leaders in a way they never could have anticipated; while continuing to play an important strategic role in their organizations, they’ve also had to devise and implement rapid HR responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, Alison Stevens, director of HR Services at Paychex, discusses the most common issues HR leaders are facing today, and what they might expect in the year ahead.

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Season 2 | Episode 6
Pam Sherman
About Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman is a nationally-syndicated columnist, actor, recovering lawyer and leadership consultant who was profiled in People Magazine about her career transition from attorney to actor. Today Sherman conducts programs and coaches leaders all over the world about leadership communications and more. 

COVID-19 | Podcasts 29:04 min listen

In this episode, nationally-syndicated columnist, actor, and leadership consultant, Pam Sherman, discusses what it takes to ignite a passion for your brand’s mission in others, and the impact of authenticity and expressiveness in leadership, as well as business and organizational development.

If you're looking to build culture and leadership in your company, check out our whitepaper, Paychex Pulse of HR Survey: Stepping Up to Lead

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Season 2 | Episode 5
David Meerman Scott
About David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and an investor and advisor to emerging companies. He is the bestselling author of 11 books, including "Fanocracy" and "The New Rules of Marketing & PR," which detail ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 29:22 min listen

In this episode, marketing and sales visionary David Meerman Scott, discusses his concept of Fanocracy, and the positive effects that putting the needs and wishes of employees ahead of every other priority within your organization can have on your organization, long-term.

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Season 2 | Episode 4
Josh Bersin
About Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a global research analyst, public speaker, and writer on the topics of corporate human resources, talent management, recruiting, leadership, technology, and the intersection between work and life.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 25:51 min listen

In this episode of the HR Leadership Series, renowned HR research analyst, Josh Bersin, discusses how HR leaders are adapting to new responsibilities and changing priorities. Listen in for great insights around new techniques for networking with your industry peers, getting more from your existing HR technology platforms, the Bersin Academy, and the power of a positive outlook.

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Season 2 | Episode 3
Dr. Deanna Kimbrel
About Dr. Deanna Kimbrel

Dr. Deanna Kimbrel has led the Inclusion and Diversity strategy at Paychex for nearly 2 years, focusing on enterprise-wide education, systemic interventions, and cultivating a sense of community and opportunity for all.

Human Resources | Podcasts 25:52 min listen

In this episode, Dr. Deanna Kimbrel, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager at Paychex, discusses the importance of companies “leading with inclusion” in order to attract and retain diversity in the workplace, as well as how to become an inclusive leader, what HR leaders can do to adopt an inclusive culture within their organization, and more.

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Season 2 | Episode 2
Cy Wakeman
About Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman is a New York Times best-selling author, drama researcher, international leadership speaker, and consultant.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 31:39 min listen

In this episode, NY-Times bestselling author and international leadership expert, Cy Wakeman, discusses how to hold your team accountable for doing great work and keeping your remote teams engaged during a crisis; how to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic; and how business leaders can develop resiliency within the “new normal.”

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Season 2 | Episode 1
Steve Gilliland
About Steve Gilliland

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve is a celebrated motivational speaker and storyteller, a best-selling author and a successful business leader. Speaking the language of other business leaders, his books and other resources identify practical lessons that help grow people and the businesses they run.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 30:12 min listen

In this episode, renowned motivational speaker and storyteller, Steve Gilliland, joins us to discuss how leadership has changed in light of the pandemic and things business leaders should keep in mind as their teams return to work.

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