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Payroll | Article
What is FICA Tax, and How is it Calculated? Social Security and Medicare benefits are funded by a payroll tax called FICA that's shared equally by employees and employers
A father, using earned sick leave time under the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave law, attends a parent-teacher conference with his son.
Compliance | Article
More than a year after passing a law that requires employers of all sizes in New Jersey to provide workers with paid sick time, the state issues final regulations.
women getting money out of bank after direct deposit
Payroll | Article
The many benefits of direct deposit are advantageous for employers and staff. Understanding the benefits will help you decide if direct deposit is for you.
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Having a strong offboarding process in place is essential for leaving the door open to ex-employees who may wish to one day work again for your company.
snowstorms and inclement weather policies
Human Resources | Article
An in-depth look at why your business needs an inclement weather policy, and tips on setting this policy in motion
A woman begins to clear her desk after being informed her job with a New Jersey business was eliminated as part of a company-wide mass layoff.
Compliance | Article
New Jersey becomes the first state that requires employers to pay severance to workers who are laid-off or terminated through workforce reductions.
Human Resources | Article
Federal law requires every U.S. employer to complete a Form I-9 for each new hire, verifying each employee's identity and authorization to work in the United States. Recently this form was revised to include on the form and in the instructions the addition of several countries with recent name changes. As an employer, learn more about using this form.
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In this free webinar, you’ll learn five strategies for implementing an effective recruiting and hiring process.
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Learn more about pay-on-demand, payroll implications of this payment method, and how this feature can benefit workers and businesses.