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Compliance | Article
Weeks from implementation of the Masssachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave program, Gov. Charlie Baker, along with state house and senate leadership, agreed to implement a three-month delay until Oct. 1, 2019. Massachusetts is one of six states to have enacted a paid family and medical leave law. Originally, the state’s PFML law was passed as part of the “Grand Bargain” legislation, which also included changes to state wage and hours.
Compliance | Article
Massachusetts passed legislation to provide paid family and medical leave, and to make changes to the state wage and hour provisions. The law went in to effect Jan. 1, 2019.
Human Resources | Webinar
Learn how to make HR a powerful change agent for your organization by looking at HR efforts more strategically.
Employee Benefits | Article
What's the best health benefits plan for you and your business? Here's a look at different options and solutions.
Accounting | Article
Filing taxes, tracking donations, and recording expenses for nonprofit organizations can be confusing. Learn exactly what you’ll need for nonprofit accounting.
Employee Benefits | Article
Even with the best of intentions when offering benefits, administrative mistakes can happen. Here's what you can do when these errors happen.
Two colleagues speaking with each other about employer shared responsibility
Compliance | Article
Employers should be prepared for what to expect from the Internal Revenue Service if they did not meet the requirements under the Employer Shared Responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act. If employers receive notification from the IRS, they should respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible because the fines can be financially devastating.
A female teacher works on her computer in the classroom
Compliance | Article
With the release in March 2019 of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise the federal overtime regulations, Paychex analyzed data to show the potential impact on businesses with 1 to 49 employees.
Pregnant woman takes a break from her computer at office.
Compliance | Article
The state of Washington has begun administering a Paid Family and Medical Leave program, leaving employers with new requirements, as well as potential questions about how to remain compliant.