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Two challenges for today’s HR leaders? Mobilizing the hidden potential of their workforce, and retaining employees in a tight labor market. The good news is that like many challenges, they hold exciting opportunities, particularly in the use of HR technology.

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Small businesses are just as susceptible to a devastating cyber attack as big-name corporations. Without the protection of cyber liability insurance, such an attack can result in a business shutting its doors for good. Here are some tips for purchasing the right type of coverage for your business.
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Many small business owners have come to realize the benefits of using professional payroll providers over running payroll functions in-house, through manual bookkeeping, or with do-it-yourself payroll apps.

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Shift swapping can cause a lot of frustration to workers and managers alike. Learn the best practices to improve your shift trading policy and procedure.
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Learn how a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) combined with a health savings account (HSA) allows employers to take advantage of several cost-saving benefits.
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As a franchise owner, you may have to provide health insurance to your employees. Follow these open enrollment strategies and stay compliant.