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As more workers contend with their ability to save during and after their working years, you may want to consider the advantages of a retirement plan offering at your business.
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The Joint Employer final rule, which goes into effect March 16, 2020, provides employers clarification as to who is the employer when more than one unrelated business entity shares control over an individual employee or group of employees.
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Proper training for non-HR staff and strategic outsourcing of functions is critical when HR falls to office managers and administrative professionals.
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As an owner or manager of a small business, you may be responsible for functions you lack expertise in that can lead to government fines as well as litigation. This FREE guide can help ensure you have the information you need to help protect your business.
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In the 2019 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey, we asked HR professionals to tell us their greatest challenges. Attracting talent was number one, followed by keeping up with regulations, tracking employees’ time, training and development, and administering benefits.

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Small businesses with employees are required by the IRS to file Form 940. Understand how to complete this tax form, when it is due, and how to avoid penalties.
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Whether expanding your business, increasing the remote workforce, or just trying to work across multiple states, organizations know how growth can benefit the company.

Filling out a W-4 requires following new instructions.
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As the IRS has recently released a new W-4, now is a great time to refresh your knowledge about what this form is used for and how tax reform has impacted it.