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Paychex Retirement Plan Services — Plans and Features

Paychex Retirement Plan Services offers a variety of affordable retirement plan options to meet the needs of any size businesses. A company-sponsored retirement plan helps your clients provide retirement security, reduce taxable income, and attract and retain quality employees. Our fully equipped 401(k) solution is easy to start, easy to manage, and cost-effective for small businesses.

Paychex retirement plan services
  • Advisor Select

    Powered by ePlan Services, Inc., this concession-neutral and conflict-free mutual fund helps your clients assemble unbiased menus of investment options.

  • Open Fund

    The open-architecture 401(k) platform provides over 4,500 fund choices, multiple share classes, and no asset restrictions.

  • Profit Sharing

    Paychex provides multiple offerings including age-weighted and new comparability plans that give flexibility in customizing client retirement plans.

  • Payroll Integration

    When your clients integrate 401(k) data with Paychex Payroll, it can greatly simplify plan administration, while helping to ensure the accuracy of your clients' participant information.

*According to PlanSponsor magazine, by number of plans won.

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