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The Department of Labor has filed another extension to the rule’s full implementation, placing its new effective date at July 1, 2019. However, the agency still obligates advisors to comply with the impartial conduct standards, the consumer protections ensuring that advisors adhere to fiduciary norms and basic standards of fair dealing. How can advisors be ready for business in today’s fiduciary environment?

February 12 2018

How advisors can help employers find financial wellness success
Financial wellness programs have become the feel-good, must-have benefit in the workplace and advisors and employers are tapping into companies such as FinFit, because a well-designed plan can help address the real issues of financial stress faced by today’s workforce.

February 09 2018

Plan Provider Choice Is an Important Fiduciary Consideration

A retirement plan fiduciary is an important, yet complicated, role that many plan sponsors are increasingly seeking assistance with managing. Plan sponsors may find it helpful to hire an external fiduciary to free time and resources, add valuable expertise, and manage fiduciary risk.

January 16 2018

Financial Advisor talking to a client

The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule will have a significant impact on the retirement marketplace.

January 16 2018

Financial advisors working on retirement readiness

Plan sponsors and financial advisors are increasingly focused on taking the steps necessary to help retirement plan participants have good retirement outcomes.

January 16 2018

Financial advisor talking about fees, funds and retirement outcomes

Since the Department of Labor introduced its fiduciary rule in 2015, retirement plan providers and financial advisors have been making changes to their business approach to adapt to the new regulation.

January 12 2018

Workplace Retirement Refinement

Helping workers succeed at planning and saving for a secure retirement is good for them. Workplace retirement plans can help them build savings, reduce financial stress, and be prepared to retire when they are ready.

December 06 2017

Retirement Saving Priorities

While most workers are relying on their employer-sponsored retirement plan as their main source of retirement income, some aren’t taking advantage of this valuable employer benefit. What’s preventing them from saving?

December 06 2017

Helping Employees Retire

Many workers are worried that they won’t be financially ready to retire at their target retirement age. According to a 2016 Brightworks Partners survey, almost four in 10 working adults plan to delay retirement beyond their original planned age due to deficient savings.

December 07 2017