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Automation has not replaced human interaction. In fact, it’s the opposite. Ken Burtnick, senior manager of product management for Paychex, highlights this trend

December 18 2018

Identifying the Right Recordkeeper
Identifying providers that offer the best services at competitive prices is critical. Equally critical is identifying a high-quality recordkeeper.

December 18 2018

Woman handing over insurance card
HSAs have been increasing in adoption, which means advisors must act quickly to get participants up to speed on the advantages of these tax-friendly accounts.

December 13 2018

It can be hard work building the advisor-client relationship and ensuring that needs are met and anticipated.
Many may think the hardest part is landing the client. Sometimes the real work comes in building the advisor-client relationship and ensuring that needs are met

June 12 2018

Auto-enrollment may help participants "jump start their path to savings."
Retirement strategies abound, and advisors recognize that automated enrollment, deferral and escalation options are becoming increasingly more commonplace.

April 05 2018

It is time to reconsider small business 401(k) plans.
Small-business owners face many real and perceived barriers, but financial advisors shouldn't ignore them. Read how small business 401(k) opportunities abound.

April 05 2018

Regardless of what generation title a person falls under, retirement savings and planning is still important, just in different ways.
To best meet the varied needs of different generational groups, financial advisors must learn the tools and educational approaches for each generation.

April 05 2018

Marketing your advisory services can promote the intangibles of your business like brand and professionalism.
Investment advisors agree: Marketing is as important as ever in today’s competitive business climate. Check out these ideas to better promote your services.

April 05 2018

How advisors can up their game in the current fiduciary environment
The Department of Labor has filed another extension to the rule’s full implementation. How can advisors be ready for business in today’s fiduciary environment?

February 12 2018