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    Control your costs and improve your time and labor process with an accurate time tracking and management system that transforms the way you do business.

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    Improve communications to allow employees and supervisors to submit and approve time-off requests, share notes, and more efficiently manage employee issues.

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    Get the information you'll need to help your business stay in compliance with federal wage requirements and overtime pay regulations.

Take a closer look at how your company can save:

Time Collection and Capture

The Paychex Time Clock 2000 Series saves you time and improves accuracy with simple installation, personalized display options that keep you from hunting for data, and no software to own or maintain. Plus, its easy-to-use color displays include large print with Spanish language options.

Input Methods:

  • Biometric—A highly accurate, state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint reader removes the need for employees to carry a card or remember a password. The biometric clock relieves any concerns about “buddy punching,” where an employee clocks-in a friend for work.
  • Proximity Card—The walk-by reader is accurate and convenient. Employees can clock in quickly and easily, plus their cards don’t have magnetic swipe strips that eventually wear down. Cards can work with common door security systems that use HID technology.
  • Clock Key Pad—Employees enter their assigned identification number.
  • Wireless—Wi-Fi clocks are easy to install and use for remote locations.

Complex Rules and Requirements

Companies are often fined for failing to comply with regulations like FLSA. Overtime violations are one of the main culprits, but this and other factors can be minimized by consistently applying time and payroll policies across the company and archiving your records with Paychex Time and Labor Online.

Time Edits and Approvals

Establish management and employee self-service to improve efficiency and reduce the distraction to operational, payroll, and human resource departments.

Time and Labor Online makes it easy for supervisors to:

  • Approve timecards online
  • Manage exceptions and fix missed punches
  • Create and manage individual and group schedules with one-click approval
  • Communicate better by sharing messages between supervisors and employees
  • Approve time off requests displayed on a shared company calendar view
  • Add pay adjustments such as bonuses

Give employees the ability to enter and search for their own data, such as timesheets, hours worked, messages, schedules, and time-off benefit balances, before sending their requests to supervisors for approval.

Management Reporting

Let supervisors see whether active employees are on premises, working, or on break. You can also create and save custom reports for quick access based on the individual preferences of your supervisors.

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