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Evolution of the Job Search - How Companies Can Respond

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  • Last Updated: 03/25/2016

How the job search has evolved
Over the last five to ten years, the way in which individuals conduct a job search and how companies find talent has evolved tremendously. Understanding the evolution of the job search - and how successful companies manage the process - can help ensure that your company attracts the best available talent in the years ahead.

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The job search process has evolved dramatically in recent years. Online job boards, social media platforms, and more opportunities for digital networking are changing how top talent searches for career opportunities. As a result, these changes have required some companies to completely redesign their recruiting processes and invest in new HR technology. The good news is that it's never been easier for the right recruiting strategy to help you find and hire the candidates for your job openings. Understanding the evolution of the job search—and how successful companies manage the process—can help ensure that your company attracts the best available talent in the years ahead.

The Evolution of the Job Search

Just ten years ago, the majority of positions were advertised through classified ads in newspapers. When online job boards like Monster entered the scene, it began a seismic shift toward online recruiting. As online recruiting has evolved, candidates now have access to a wider variety of companies and potential positions. Smartphones and tablets, niche job boards, recruiting through professional organizations, and social media have also played a larger role in the recruiting process.

Today's Job Search Environment

In 2016, candidates are viewing job opening descriptions, company information, and applying for positions via mobile devices. They're also considering and applying for more jobs while expecting better communication with employers and faster turnaround times between application and hire. As a result, some small to midsize businesses have begun to invest in HR technology that used to be marketed exclusively to large corporations, with features that can help make it easier to keep up with the expectations of modern job applicants.

How HR Technology Can Help

Meeting the expectations of top talent can be a challenge for companies that were using classified ads just a few short years ago. The right HR software can help streamline the process and manage the volume of data. Today's applicant tracking systems make it easy to craft effective job postings and share them widely. From posting on job boards to promoting through social channels, recruiting technology makes effective promotion easier than ever before. Such powerful systems may also streamline applicant screening processes. By including simple questions as part of the job application, it can be easier to quickly find the most qualified candidates and move them through the interview process. From promotion to handling compliance-related issues, companies that plan to grow in the year ahead may have an easier time with the support of proven HR technology.

The job search process has shifted dramatically, from in-person networking and newspaper ads to social, mobile and digital interactions. Companies that adapt to the changing landscape and candidate expectations will likely be ahead of their competition in finding the top talent for even the most difficult-to-fill positions.



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