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Corporate Teambuilding Activities that Can Boost Productivity and Employee Bonding

Human Resources

Corporate teambuilding activities can be most effective when they are geared around a shared purpose. This is why it’s important that those charged with coming up with teambuilding activities know beforehand what they wish to accomplish. Some common teambuilding goals include:

  • Forming a genuine bond among employees
  • Resolving internal conflicts
  • Increasing productivity
  • Helping others in the community

Giving back to the community

Starting with the last goal first, Paychex HR generalist Victoria Whittaker says, "Philanthropy events are a great way to promote teamwork and bring the team together, while also supporting the community."

For example, participating in the United Way's "Day of Caring" event (offering people the chance to volunteer at non-profit agencies throughout the U.S.) is a great way to bring employees together, working toward the same goal and helping to better their communities.

"Helping others makes an individual feel good," Whittaker notes, "so doing this with your work team can bring about positive attitudes and bonds that may have been lacking before."

Scheduled teambuilding events let your employees know that you're serious about strengthening the team and getting everyone to work more effectively together.

Bonding and having fun

Getting creative (and having fun in the process) also helps build an effective team. Janet Justice, Paychex senior HR generalist, looks for fun activities to build teams, including challenges where team members must work together to solve challenges or puzzles. She says that these types of activities can facilitate problem solving and are "good for showing how to create a bond among team members."

Paychex HR consultant Kathy A. Rossi facilitates an activity called "Share the Love." As she explains, "Everyone's name is put into a bowl and each person picks a name (not their own). Then each person gives an example of a time this person helped them in any way to get something accomplished."

The benefit of this feel-good exercise is that afterwards, Rossi notes that "everyone knows they are appreciated and part of the team."

Plan teambuilding events throughout the year

Sponsoring a teambuilding event on a whim likely won’t generate the benefits you're looking for. Instead, strategize a series of activities and schedule them to take place on a consistent basis (be sure to let the team know when the next event is coming). An emphasis on scheduled teambuilding events lets your employees know that you're serious about strengthening the team and getting everyone to work more effectively together.

It’s also beneficial if the business owner and those in management positions also participate. When they are seen having fun and getting involved, this can get others on board as well.

Debrief after the teambuilding event

A fun teambuilding event can get people excited for a brief time. But what lessons learned can be extracted from the experience and shared in the days and weeks that follow?

Look for opportunities to debrief the team in an all-staff meeting, company newsletter, social media platforms, and elsewhere. Emphasize how employees can build on the experience and find new, enhanced ways to serve customers and promote the company culture.

Invite employees to share their own thoughts on what corporate teambuilding activities mean to them. They might even offer ideas for new activities that keep morale and productivity high long after the event itself.

It's difficult to overstate the value of a well-planned teambuilding event. When things click and staff members feel that they are part of a strong, cohesive team, this can translate to an upbeat, can-do attitude that both benefits your customers and increases employee engagement and retention.

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