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Time and Attendance

Competitive business environments demand greater returns on labor: tighter cost controls, higher productivity, and closer alignment with strategic business goals.

The right time and labor management system can help yield these returns, but organizations still relying on paper time sheets or legacy systems are missing out on the impact a modern, state-of-the-art solution — one like Paychex Flex® Time — can have on the bottom line.


Paychex Flex Time is a revolutionary time and attendance solution that was built in the cloud for real-time data access, and designed to be exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. Part of our HCM solution, it gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your labor costs — helping drive tangible increases in savings, output, and performance.


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Here's how Paychex Flex Time can help:

  • Time-Off Management

    Calendar sharing allows employees/supervisors to easily review, submit, and approve time-off requests. View multiple schedules at the same time to ensure appropriate staffing.

  • Drag-and-Drop Visual Scheduling

    Add efficiency with color-coded drag-and-drop scheduling. Breaks and meals can be controlled dynamically based on the setup of complex company pay policies.

  • Time Card Management

    View and edit time cards with just a few clicks.


Complex Rules and Requirements

Companies are often fined for failing to comply with regulations like FLSA. Overtime violations are one of the main culprits, but this and other factors can be minimized by consistently applying time and payroll policies across the company and archiving your records with Paychex FlexSM Enterprise.

Time Edits and Approvals

Establish management and employee self-service to improve efficiency and reduce the distraction to operational, payroll, and human resource departments.

Paychex Flex Time makes it easy for supervisors to:

  • Approve timecards online
  • Manage exceptions and fix missed punches
  • Create and manage individual and group schedules with one-click approval
  • Improve communication by sharing messages between supervisors and employees
  • Approve time off requests displayed on a shared company calendar view
  • Add pay adjustments such as bonuses

Give employees the ability to enter and search for their own data, such as timesheets, hours worked, messages, schedules, and time-off benefit balances, before sending their requests to supervisors for approval. Provide employees with punch in options that fit your business, including Web, mobile, and time clock. View time clock product specifications.

Management Visibility

Let supervisors see whether active employees are on premises, working, or on break. You can also create and save custom reports for quick access based on the individual preferences of your supervisors.

Function-Focused Dashboards

Gain access to the information you need for strategic decision-making with custom analytics and advanced key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.

Visual Analytics and Performance Tracking

Automate custom displays with data drill-down capabilities based on individual requirements.

  • Equip managers and supervisors with real-time data and key performance indicator tracking.
  • Analyze performance trends and identify patterns to help predict operational needs.
  • Leverage custom analytics and reporting to monitor and manage behavior trends.
Paychex Time Clocks: PX2500 and PX3500 Series


ARM 800MHz speed



1GB Flash

5GB Micro SD


Windows CE Pro


4-line x 20-character LCD display

7-inch 800x480 touchscreen

Capacitive touch screen


PX2500: Digital Persona

PX3500: Lumidigm M-Series


125KHz RF badge reader


1.3 MP user facing


1x RJ45 Ethernet

1x WiFi

3x USB2.0

1x Dry Contact Relay


12 VDC (nominal)

Real-time battery backup (optional)


Piezo Buzzer

2020 speaker


Height: 8.9 inches/226MM

Width: 5.9 inches/150MM

Depth: 2.8 inches/72MM

Weight: 2.6 lbs (1,200 grams)


Operation: 32° ~ 122°F (0° ~ 50°C) Hum: 20~95% (non-condensing)

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Stevie Winner 2016
Tektonic Awards 2016
Brandon Hall Bronze 2016
Award CIO HR Tech 2016
Award Nelson Hall 2016