PLANSPONSOR's Top 401(k) Recordkeeping Plans in America

July 31, 2014
Paychex ranked No. 1 in total number of 401(k) recordkeeping plans in America for 2013, according to Plansponsor magazine, a national publication dedicated to the pension and retirement industry, marking the fourth consecutive year Paychex has earned the honor. The company serves more than 60,000 plans. Paychex has also ranked the top provider by the number of plans won ten times throughout the survey’s 16-year history.
Lisa Fleming
Manager, Public Relations

Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming joined Paychex in 2006 and last year was promoted to the position of public relations manager. As part of her role, Lisa leads the department’s external communications efforts and manages the company’s relationship with its outside PR agency partner, Eric Mower & Associates. Lisa is a graduate of Canisius College in Buffalo, New York where she studied English and Communications.