Executive Biographies

Martin Mucci, President and Chief Executive Officer

Efrain Rivera, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer

Mark Bottini, Senior Vice President, Sales

John Gibson, Senior Vice President, Service

Michael Gioja, Senior Vice President, IT and Product Development

Frank Fiorille, Vice President, Risk, Compliance, and Data Analytics

Tom Hammond, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Product Management

Kevin Hill, Vice President, Insurance and HR Services

Bryan Hodge, Vice President, Service Operations

Michael Jeffrey, Vice President, Sales, MMS

Ted Jordan, Vice President, Service

Maureen Lally, Vice President, Marketing

Laurie Maffett, Vice President, Enterprise and Multi-Product Services

Stephanie Schaeffer, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Terry Sukalski, Vice President, Human Resource Services Sales

Jennifer Vossler, Vice President and Controller

Mick Whittemore, Vice President, IT, Enterprise Operations

Lisa Williams-Garcia, Vice President, Core Payroll Sales, Western U.S.

Laurie Zaucha, Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development