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Beaumont Vance

Senior Vice President, Data, Analytics, and AI and Member of the Executive Committee

Beaumont Vance

Beaumont Vance joined Paychex as the senior vice president of data, analytics, and AI in March 2024. He is responsible for developing and executing the data strategy at Paychex, including the use of business intelligence, advanced analytics, and AI-driven automation to drive both business performance and enhanced customer value through the use of data and AI in the company’s technology and advisory solutions.

Vance has a proven track record of driving change and delivering solutions that automate and optimize data to unlock the value of assets. His experience and expertise in data science will continuously advance the Paychex data strategy with integrity and innovation, with a strong focus on leveraging new capabilities to help Paychex customers succeed.

Vance came to Paychex after spending three years at WestCap Management, a growth private equity firm, where he served as managing director of AI and investments. Prior to WestCap, he spent five years at TD Ameritrade, including three as director of digital AI and automation. Vance also has prior experience at Fidelity, where he founded the advanced analytics practice, Sun Microsystems, and Vicorp Restaurants, primarily in data science, risk management, and AI leadership roles.

Vance earned a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University in 1991. He is passionate about giving back to the community, particularly in the form of education. Vance created the Samuel R. Cain Scholarship Fund within the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF), which helps low-income students successfully complete a four-year college education.